The Power of Respect

Respect is Noticeable When Someone is Down 166F175F-A47F-4A36-80DD-EF9ECBA10643

“Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


If you give respect, you get respect. I try my hardest to give respect. Respect is a small step down a big road. I’m  went out to dinner with my friend Jack because I hadn’t seen him in a long time. His brother was teasing us “first date?” He asked. “Shut up Henry” Jack yelled back. The waitress came over to our table and told us to quiet down. We apologized, and Henry yelled “good luck cuties.” Of course Jack yelled back “shut up” back. Under the waitresses breath she said “little crap.” But loud enough for us to hear. After we ate the waitress came back, with our check. The check read 42.64, after Jack and I talked over how much we should give her as a tip, we gave her 40% and for all of the people that have signed a check that is a ton of tip money.

Our tip read 17 dollars, as she walked away she opened the check, probably expecting no tip, she opened it and laughed, as we walked out she said “have a great night!” “Thanks” yelled back Jack. Jack under his breath as a joke, mummers “little crap” we both laughed as we walked out. I took many things out of this experience, but the one thing I really took out of it was when you give respect you will receive respect. I also learned how if someone is having a bad day or a bad first impression on you, you give them respect and there day will be better and complete there day with a act of kindness or respect. When you are respectful human being the respect will end up coming back to you in a good way, but you have to give it to get it. Respecting people will make you feel good, but the person your respecting will feel better.





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Jack Doherty

I like how you described what was going on, what was happening. Great job writing you were very descriptive.


I really liked how you use essential details and image on action techniques to describe the scene and what was happening. I also really like the phrase you use for your narrow theme: “Respect is a small step down a big road.”


I really like your browed theme. I also really liked how you describe the story and setting.


This was a great story. It was so descriptive on what was happening it felt like you were in the moment when you read it. It was super fun to read especially in the smoking gun and I liked how the story all came together in the conclusion when you really used a great way of saying respect.

Finn hudson

I like how you and your friend even though the waitress was mean to you decided to be the nice people in this scenario by giving the waitress a good tip. This shows great respect for doing this because most people would just to give her a tip. Nice job.

Willie Belle

I liked your example and the dialogue. I also liked how you were nice to the waitress even after she wasn’t giving you guys the respect you deserve. It was also really descriptive which is another thing I liked. Great essay.

Dereck Then

I really liked how you used Image on Image to make the story more descriptive. The dialogue you used was very key to understand the story. This was a great essay.


I like the experience you chose to use, it is different, unlike what everyone else chose to do because you added a resolution to your problem. You said what you had done wrong very well, but then you explained what you did to fix it.


I really liked the scene you used. The humor worked out quite well, and reading about how you transitioned from bad to good was pretty interesting. The closing sentence was also written very well, and overall, nice job.

Kevin Yuan

The dialogue makes the story a lot more enjoyable. I like how you were nice to the waitress even after she insulted you guys. The final sentence wraps up the essay really well. You have some grammatical mistakes, but otherwise this is a great essay.

Drew Callen

The broad theme and conclusion are very good, and the story is great overall.


I like how if someone is having a bad day you giving them respect may brighten there day and make the, feel better.

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