Vinalhaven Challenges  

Vinalhaven is paving a road for my saving


No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

Donald Trump




   Fish on, Fish on! We finally hooked it, the dogfish, a shark, I had the rod, praying that I didn’t lose it. There was so much pressure. 7 A.M. very little close to the dream vacation, Jack, Henry, Fred, my dad and I on a boat with a max weight limit of 360 on the coast of Narrows Island, VH, ME. It was heaven for all five of us, it was hell for something though, the dogfish that we’d hooked. Vinalhaven usually puts me through a struggle, camping in the wilderness knowing that I’m alone and if I get hurt their is an hour fairy ride to a hospital, knowing that their is a shortage of water, knowing how I don’t just have to care about myself, but my dad, sister, and friends too. This always leads to growing challenges, but in 2018 this challenge was definitely worth it.


We’d been trying to catch this damn dogfish for 3 years now. I had the rod, barely able to hold it out of the water this dogfish was at least 17 pounds which is pretty big for a dogfish. Man, this was gonna be a fight and everyone knew it. I started to reel, it was fast, strong, big, three things that I wasn’t, I was thinking of giving up the rod, that was when my friend called me a wimp (but the cuss for wimp) and this, this pissed me off big time. I threw all of my anger not at him, but the dogfish, this was the start of a fight from hell. I was giving this all I got. I was felt the rod touching the water, there is no way I was losing this. I yanked the rod back up from close to the water to the boat. Somehow, someway, I saw color, unknowingly I screamed, “holy shit.” It was the biggest fish I’ve ever seen, I may have swore some more, but we finished brought it int he boat. It was the hardest fish to reel in I’ve ever had in my life. 

  The way Vinalhaven has changed my life is incredible.

I do not know where I’d be without it.


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Andrew Crofton

You are very descriptive in your first paragraph, with the dog fish and how the max weight limit was only 360. Great piece.

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