Windsor Mountain Bonding

How my friends became brothers


When your friends pick you up, it’s a step to brotherhood.

~ Will Hatten





   I was hanging onto the rope swing with all my might. I was hoping that I wouldn’t let go too early or too late. I was scared. In Windsor Mountain, during my 8th garage class trip, I had a lot of defining experiences. I learned to do many new things. For example I learned to push my classmates to try new things as they pushed me to try new thing too. I also learned to treat my classmates like brothers.

 One of the things we were told is to try to become brothers. After this trip I had a couple brothers, I’ll tell you that much. A time when brotherhood was shown was when I slipped and fell.  I know you’ve probably heard this before but it was a big moment for me). When I fell chasing my friend I hurt my knee. Two of my “brothers” ran over to pick me up. It was like in a football game when someone was hurt and they put their arms around the trainers shoulders and were walked off the field. It looked identical to that. If I could’ve taken one picture the whole trip it would one-hundred percent be that. They took me halfway as Liam Teto carried me singlehandedly to the deck. Three of my “newborn brothers” just helped me. 

    They pushed me on a couple of occasions. One of the times was on the rope swing. I am scared of heights. So this was a big deal. You had to pass first, mastering the lower one. I had to do it five times to finally get it down. Then we would be able to go up twelve feet to the tall swing. I got nervous but there was no going back. My friends got me up there and they helped me get down. From people saying “you got this” to “don’t eat sand” that one I laughed at. But I swung and I was scared. I’d let go too early and I had a monster bellyflop. GOOD EATS. I heard from the crowd. That was fun, I told myself. So I did it again. I was just getting going. I loved it. Another time when my friends pushed me to try something new was when tried to push my advisees to try the rope climb in high ropes. Although we were inside it was still a great experience. We pushed each other to climb the rope to the beam in the ceiling. Wade Clark was the first to get it down. He made it look easy. I wanted to do it but I would be embarrassed if I failed. Then Jack Doherty did it, he made it look easier. I gave it my best shot and I messed up. But my advisor was cheering me on. I questioned myself. But I went again, and I got it. It took me like 30 seconds which is long for how small the rope was. I went over and hugged my advisory. I really loved how they picked me up and pushed me to do this. 

My friends became my brothers. My brothers will be with me all year—and beyond!



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Willie Belle

Nice Job


Nice job sounds like a good advisory

Andrew Crofton

Very descriptive. Good peice

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