Current Affairs

Journal Entry 4

Windsor Mountain 

A new brotherhood 

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I experienced a few defining moments at Windsor Mountain. The first one was on high ropes the second day. It was kind of a letdown in the beginning because we were inside because the rain the night before it just wasn’t safe. So there was a rope connected to the beams near the ceiling, the rope had knots in it so you could climb it. People in my advisory were doing it left and right. Panha who had tried maybe five times was struggling. When people go bored of this activity they would watch. Near the end Panha broke down into tears so our advisory went over to him to pick him up. He tried over and over again until the whole grade was watching him. He fell time and time again, he broke down to tears and everyone was cheering for him he announced that this was his last one. He was getting up towards the top and his hand grazed the beam. He had done it! The grade was celebrating we were “moshing” on Panha as he broke down into tears of joy. This moment brought us together like we were brothers, and one of our brother had just done something amazing.

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