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Power of Place 2

The Bus

955C81D9-E595-404C-A284-DF0E16D31569“You can't get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover will be yourself.”
-Alan Alda

I am from the bus. The rides to hockey, lacrosse, football, class trips, and service projects. I have made endless memories from the fenn vans, although it may be an unexpected place it is a place I am comfortable with and one that is with all my friends and teammates. I usually take the bus from sports games and it allows me to connect with my teammates in ways I never could have before. The rides are always fun and memorable and I know I will miss them. I remember during the hockey season before practice we used to make a lot of noise and rock the bus before coach was on it and before we left Fenn. We would blast the music and start yelling to the song and singing with it, then Teddy would run from one side of the bus to the other rocking the bus. Another tradition we had was to always tape our sticks in an odd way that was unique to each of us. I remember Andrew Pesce had a tape job he called the mega sock and taped from the toe of his stick half way up the shaft. Nobody would show their tape jobs until they were done and when they were revealed everyone went crazy and it got us pumped for the game. Even though some people may not have had fun or disliked the bus rides I feel that it brought our team closer together. It made everyone on the team closer and they helped me get to know everyone on the team. These bus rides were important to our success and undefeated season because of how close we all were. They made us want to help each other in the corners and in battles all over the ice, we had each other’s back. The Fenn bus hasn’t always been an eventful place, but I look forward to it every time because I’m with my best friends and it makes me happy.