Hard Times

How Hard Times Shaped Me Into Who I Am




It’s hard times that shape a person to who they are. Throughout my whole life I have never been able to focus or sit still and because of that many things that are easy for most people are incredibly difficult for me. But this challenge also had many positive aspects and has shaped me into who I am now. I remember vividly when I looked at the definition of AHDH it described me perfectly, and for the first time ever I realized that it was not normal to spend most of math class spacing out and going insane from sitting in one spot for so long. I always admittedly dismissed the thought of having ADHD because I always thought it would make me not “normal” or that it was “bad”. But as I matured I realized that this was not necessarily a bad thing and that I can turn this so called disability into a strength. For instance most people dread long car rides they think they are boring and dreadful. But I love long car rides, I just put on some music and let my brain do what it does best: space out. I’m honestly not sure what I think about or what’s happening in my brain but I am fully content and happy. This so called disorder has given be a very different view on life that most people will never experience. They will never know the difficulty and challenge of missing many key points when someone is trying to tell you something. But they will also not know what’s it’s like to randomly be determined to move around all of your furniture at 3 am the day before you leave for the cape for the summer. This part of me that very few people understand has had a tremendous impact on shaping me to who I am today. 


Power of Place









The Power if Place


“Experience of self is profoundly connected with the existence of life in buildings and in our surroundings.” 

~ Christopher Alexander, Luminous Ground



The power of a place is the feeling that you get when you enter it’s magical realm. I get that very feeling when I walk onto the patch of untouched beach in the midst of the massive marsh overlooking the enormous Barnstable harbor. When I enter this sacred place I know that this is my time, y place, my opportunity to be free. When I would go there at night I would feel the cool salty breeze coming from Cape Cod Bay and when I go there in the day, I can fell the powerful summer sun an my skin and glistening off the salt water. As I look across the massive harbor to the famous sandy neck and it’s equally famous light house I feel the untouched salty sand crunch beneath my feet. This is my place. This pristine beach is where I and at peace with the world. When I am there, there is nothing holding me down. The first time I went to this special spot I was amazed by the private nature of it. I spent hours relaxing there and taking in all the incredible smells of the salt marsh and sights. I brought my dog that day, and he went wild when he stepped on to the patch of pristine sand. For 20 minutes he would just run back and forth kicking up sand everywhere. I could tell he felt the power as this place just as much as I did.

The Call of the Wild

Timothy Hibben,

Freshman English 

Call of The Wild Analysis





The Call of The Wild


Domestication to devolution, the quest to survive in the great north as a sled dog 




John Thornton was dead. The last tie was broken. Man and the claims of man no longer bound him.


As Buck returned to camp he knew something was wrong. When he saw Thornton laying dead face down in the steam he was furious, he pounced upon the native Americans dancing around their prey, killing one after another letting making the river run red with blood. After they had scattered he looked upon his beloved master, he was dead, Buck had lost all human contact, he was free and able to finally answer the call of the wild.

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The power of passion



Nothing is as easy as it seems




“Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All.” - Helen Keller


Nothing is as easy as it looks, and so it is with my passion for racing sailboats. The amount of work and dedication it takes to reach this level is staggering. Only a select few have the skills and determination to sail the boat I do. It is late October and my crew and I are out for a final sail in the 40 degree 20knot wether that dominates late fall skiff sailing in New England. The foils ripping through the stormy ice cold water, sails trimmed to perfection, my crew out on the trapeze working the spinnaker, the boat up on a plane. With a simple small movement on the tiller, I head the boat down in anticipation of the massive puff that is about to hit us. And then it hits; our boat accelerates to speeds unimaginable by many people. Our boat barely skimming the water, over 400 sq ft of sails powering our high-performance boat. my crew Izaiah fully outside the boat attached only by a wire, his weight counteracting the force of the sails. As we fly down the course we see boats of all kinds wiping out all around us. We then realize that we are in first. A simple onlooker would have no idea of the amount of physical and mental fitness and alertness that goes into this eloquent high-speed sport. One mistake means disaster: Steer too fast through a gybe and your out for the race; hit a wave too hard and risk flying through your thousand dollar sails. The work is never ending, there is no time off. Every second we have to be aware and working to keep the boat upright. The massive rig is so powerful if we don’t prepare and react to even the slightest change in pressure we will find our boat upside down and us swimming in the icy water


One’s family is who they can rely on for all their needs. I know that I can rely on my family whenever I need anything. Whenever i come home from a long, exhausting and cold day on the water i know that they will be there to make me some warm food and make sure I have everything i need. Family are the people that make sure you get to school, have food to eat. They are the people that care for you when you are sick. For family it Is their job to care for you and to make sure you have everything you need. 

My Belknap experience

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”  Robin S. Sharma


During our trip to Belknap, it was the most unexpected dreaded activity's that turned out to be the most useful and enjoyable. The sailing which we all looked forward to turned out to be an hour of wasted time out in the burning sun with no wind and unenjoyable counselors. While the leadership activities which I remember Luke begging to have it first so we could get it over with turned out to.  Although the leadership exercises we did were interesting the adults at Belknap were so controlling it made it hard to feel like leaders, if they made a few simple adjustments everyone time at Belknap would have been a lot better. 


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Summer narrative




It's always fun when you get to go somewhere new and you get to meet new people and get new experiences. J. B. Bickerstaff



It was a frigid late spring day at the area A qualifier, we had done the impossible, we were going to Michigan. My teammates and I had no idea what was in store for us at the National Championship in the great Lake Erie. We knew we had months of training before the event on early august.

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      As you probably already know on Saturday we had our homecoming football game. This was on elf the best experiences I’ve had. It was so great to see all of our hard work pay off. I started at OLB, ROT, kickoff and kick return.

We started off the game great on the second play alijia ran it down the sideline for a TD. Then on our first play on defense mccliff got a fumble recovery and we went right back to offense. After a couple more minutes of offense we scored another touchdown. During this first five minutes I played every single snap and played kickoff twice so I was pretty out of breath . I continued to play through it using timeouts to catch a breath until towds the end of the second half Liam brown got flung int my leg sideways. Fourtunetly it did not hurt to badly so I kept playing through the pain although I did give myself a break during special teams because I did not want to hurt myself any more.

I continued like this for the rest of the half. I gave offense and defense everything that I had--ignoring the pain.