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The Power if Place


“Experience of self is profoundly connected with the existence of life in buildings and in our surroundings.” 

~ Christopher Alexander, Luminous Ground



The power of a place is the feeling that you get when you enter it’s magical realm. I get that very feeling when I walk onto the patch of untouched beach in the midst of the massive marsh overlooking the enormous Barnstable harbor. When I enter this sacred place I know that this is my time, y place, my opportunity to be free. When I would go there at night I would feel the cool salty breeze coming from Cape Cod Bay and when I go there in the day, I can fell the powerful summer sun an my skin and glistening off the salt water. As I look across the massive harbor to the famous sandy neck and it’s equally famous light house I feel the untouched salty sand crunch beneath my feet. This is my place. This pristine beach is where I and at peace with the world. When I am there, there is nothing holding me down. The first time I went to this special spot I was amazed by the private nature of it. I spent hours relaxing there and taking in all the incredible smells of the salt marsh and sights. I brought my dog that day, and he went wild when he stepped on to the patch of pristine sand. For 20 minutes he would just run back and forth kicking up sand everywhere. I could tell he felt the power as this place just as much as I did.