As you probably already know on Saturday we had our homecoming football game. This was on elf the best experiences I’ve had. It was so great to see all of our hard work pay off. I started at OLB, ROT, kickoff and kick return.

We started off the game great on the second play alijia ran it down the sideline for a TD. Then on our first play on defense mccliff got a fumble recovery and we went right back to offense. After a couple more minutes of offense we scored another touchdown. During this first five minutes I played every single snap and played kickoff twice so I was pretty out of breath . I continued to play through it using timeouts to catch a breath until towds the end of the second half Liam brown got flung int my leg sideways. Fourtunetly it did not hurt to badly so I kept playing through the pain although I did give myself a break during special teams because I did not want to hurt myself any more.

I continued like this for the rest of the half. I gave offense and defense everything that I had--ignoring the pain.