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John Hart: Give a Damn

"Give a damn" my English teacher said to the class as he was talking to us about how to be good writers. "This" he said, "is the key to living" and that really stuck in my mind and made me think hard. This phrase is the top on his list of three word life motivators. I can say that it will be on the top for a while, if not ever. Giving a damn, to me, means that no matter what I am faced with, I have to persevere, and try my hardest to get through it. It also means that I should always put pride in my work and I should always care how my work is, and how it looks. Finally I learned to care about the quality of my life, and if I don't like it, than I should try to change it for the better. I have learned much more than I could hope to remember in the past year of my life; however, giving a damn is one piece of knowledge that I will never forget. Giving a damn in life is something that everyone should do, and it is something that I try to do as much as possible. I try to live my life to the fullest and the best that I possibly can. This includes taking opportunities when they come, caring about loved ones and friends, and caring about my health and wellbeing. One of the main goals in my lifeis to... Read more →

Josh Cabral: The Wandering Mind

Every school day morning starts the same: I wake up and then get ready for school. While driving to Fenn I think about things My mind wanders to all aspects of life. I think about the great school I go to With the teachers and friends I know and love. I think about this past summer's fun times, and how next summer will be amazing. Some mornings I panic over school work: I sit there and hope i've done all of it. Sometimes when I hear the morning news on I think about how corrupt the world is. While driving to Fenn I think about things: my mind wanders to all aspects of life. Each morning differs from one another, And every morning is filled with different thoughts-- Different memories and times I've had But these mornings have bad times, too; Memories I wish that would just go away; Moments in my life I've regret doing. But I think to myself "they don't matter" "They are only memories, they mean nothing" What may look to my dad as mindless gazing Is actually deep, reflective thinking, Which I treasure morning after morning and will forever treasure fo years to come. Read more →

Teddy McCluskey: The Man with the Brown Colored Hat

The man with the brown colored hat Sits on a stump in the woods, The man with the brown colored hat Wear's the hat as his hood. The man with the brown colored hat watches the sun go down, The man with the brown colored hat sits on his stump with a frown. The man with the brown colored hat reaches to remove his brown cap, The man with the brown colored hat places the hat on his lap. The man with the brown colored hat Has no tear left to cry, The man with the brown colored hat Has a daughter who may soon die. The man with the brown colored hat Prays for a daughter free from pain, The man with the brown colored hat Who has nothing but a disease to blame. The man with the brown colored hat Who's daughter lies in her bed, The man with the brown colored hat Who's daughter will never wed. The man with the brown colored hat Who only wants the answer, The man with the brown colored hat Who's daughter is fighting cancer. ~ For Megan Johnson I'll Love You Always and Forever and I Shall Never Forget You Read more →

Nate Winneg: The Maccabiah Games

The weekend of December 1st, 2012, I was in Norman, Oklahoma for the trials for the United States junior team that will be competing in Israel this coming summer. When my plane landed on Friday the 30th, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I knew what the program was but I knew nothing about the other athletes. I only knew that I would be competing against people whose ages ranged from freshmen in high school to senior in high school for 6 spots. There were twelve of us in total. This meant that the odds of making the team were stacked against me. I would be competing against older, more experienced, and most likely better, gymnasts. My thoughts were confirmed when I went to the gym for a workout the day before the meet. The night before the meet was somewhat entertaining. It being a meet for Jewish people, there was a Jewish service and then we went back to the hotel where most of the gymnasts were staying for a dinner. The dinner was interesting because there were two past Olympians there to talk. Both Bart Conner and Mitch Gaylord, who were on the 1984 Olympic team, were there. Bart was there because the meet was being held at his gym and Mitch was there because he lives in Texas, which isn't very far away and because he competed in the 1981 Maccabiah games. They both gave speeches about gymnastics and the Maccabiah program. After the... Read more →

Dillon Cronin: Carpe Diem

Our time here on this earth is much too short To experience life to the fullest. To do all we must before we abort To complete each one of our great conquests. We live with the sour taste of regret-- A lingering taste that is so bitter; The memory we may never forget; The chance that we have made into litter. But that is the elegance of our lives: To seize every moment of the day; To dwell on that which each one of us strives-- To live each moment until we decay Endless time here would be the human dream; For our limited time: carpe diem Read more →

Connor McAvoy: A Teacher Affects Eternity

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops ~Henry Brooks Adams A great teacher inspires you in the classroom; however, an amazing teacher inspires you outside the classroom. Mr. Samoylenko did both of these things. I can remember a morning two or three days after I received a bad grade on a math test Mr. Samoylenko called me down the hall of the woodshop and to the right into his office . I was confused because I didn't know him well and thought it strange that he would want to talk to me on this random day early in October He sat me down in the couch across from his desk, and in his ever caring tone simply asked, "Connor, I heard you didn't do to great on the math test. Is there anything you didn't understand because I could help you with it?" I didn't take him up on his offer, formy bad grade was not for lack of understanding, it was more a mere lack of studying, but that moment struck me. I had barely known my new advisor for a month, and he already seemed to care deeply about my well being. He cared simply because he chose to and thought that one math test was important since it had to do with me. Mr. Samoylenko was one of the most kind and caring men I ever met. He is the role model that every child should wish to have when they are... Read more →

Gavin Black: Keep on Keeping on

As I gaze at the Sawatch mountain range overlooking the Collegiate mountains and glance at Mt. Elbert, I turn to my instructors and thank them for this once in a life time opportunity. Sitting atop Mt. Massive joking with Kai and Adam about the one major problem we were faced with, I reach the conclusion that I couldn't be happier with how my trip has turned out. Summitting a mountain is one of the best feelings in the world, but when shared among eleven friends who through countless hardships have become family, it only increases the perfection.l That morning we woke up at 3:00 a.m to start a hike up a ridge to the Mt. Massive trail in the pitch black night. Granola with powdered milk had been the only thing to power me until we got to the trail. Overlooking the sunrise over the Sawatch range as the mountains were purple, and Mt. Massive turned red, and the clouds slowly shifting from pink to orange, I snacked on my trail mix wishing that this scene would never end. After full morning came upon us, we continued our asent to the peak. As I trudged onward, I thought over the few scenes that reminds me I'm alive. We had already traveled well over three miles as we continued up the trail, almost to the rockiest part, which led to the peak. We ate our second bag of trail mix, and watched a mountain lion devour a marmot from afar, hoping... Read more →

Mike Demsher: Sonnet #1

As the ice glistens in the cool moonlight, and the cold air brushes against his skin, He lies on the ice on a snowy night, She lies but an inch away with a grin. He looks to his side and sees a smile, It brightens the night and it warms the soul, It gives him the strength to sprint a mile, even if the dark night can take a toll. Not a thing in the world could make him move, With his best friend by his side in the snow, Even if those around him don't approve, Nothing could make him let this moment go. He turns to his side expecting her there, But the memory fades into the air. Read more →