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Dillon Cronin: The Missing Peice

It seems like everybody's got 'em

Even just one

Everybody but me


The excitement of seeing them every weekend

Jumping into their arms

But all that is missing


All four of my grandparents

All four of my role models

All four of my loving, caring, warm hearted grandparents passed on


The missing puzzle piece to create the picture

The picture of my childhood



Look over there as the toddlers face lights up with joy

Jumping into his grandparents arms

As I look away I can't bear the sight of that

I can't bear to see everybody else's joy when all I have is emptiness

I can't bear it it's just too much


Too much to know that while they were here I was not that little boy

I was not the little boy whose face lit up by the sight of his grandparents

It was just another day in the life


And that kills me

It kills me to know I didn't love them to death

It kills me to know I didn't cherish each and every moment with them

It kills me to know that the opportunity to relive that is gone


You see family gives us unconditional love

And that love is irreplaceable

That moment

Those memories


I can only wish

That I could relive those moments

Relive my past

Just to see their faces again