Dillon Cronin: Regret
Marcus Mazzotti: Memories From The Hatch

Jake Goorno: Greatness

To be great you must learn to be simple,
To be great you must strive to be the best
To be great you must never be afraid,
And to be great you must always be heard.
Greatness is a voice that can change the world.

Greatness can never be purchased at all,
Nor does greatness just appear out of air.
Greatness must be earned, it must be deserved.
Many have chosen the path of greatness,
But few have ever even reached its end.

Be not afraid of greatness; welcome it.
For some are born great, some achieve greatness,
And others have greatness thrust upon them.
However greatness is inherited,
It is important to let greatness show.

Greatness is not measured in potential.
Greatness is not measured in innate skill.
Greatness is not measured in brains or looks.
Greatness is a mountain that has no peak.
It’s a battle that can never be won.
It is not tangible, but it is there.

Whatever the greatness that you possess,
Let your voice and your dreams be felt by all.