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Zack Lisman: The Pacific Edge

Over the summer, my family and I had the privledge to go on a kayaking trip in Mexico at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. It was not a huge trip, only a day trip from about 11:30 to 4:00, but that trip was one of the best moments of my life. It started off with about a 30 minute kayak from our hotel, which was on the shore of a small bay, to an beach near the tip of the peninsula. There we walked on the scorching sand through a small passage way to the Pacific Ocean. here the waves pounded on the sand with such force and soared well over our heads. It was perfect for pictures and we spent time here taking pictures and enjoying the moment. But after that the plans changed. My dad and brother capsized their kayak when they were trying to get in in against the strong current. This scared my brother and unfortunately they were unable to go with my mom and I on the rest of our journey.
From the beginning of our time in Mexico, I wanted to kayak to the arch that was supposed to be the gateway to the Pacific. As we got closer and closer, I grew more and more excited. After a 5 minute kayak ride, we got to the arch. It was an amazing sight. There were seals perched on a rock next to the arch and we could see the crashing pacific waves meet those of the bay. We tried to kayak around it but were told not to go any further because the current and the waves were too strong. Unfortunately my mom and I did not get to spend so much time there because we had to meet back up with my brother and dad, but I will never forget those precious moments.
On our way back, my mom and I saw some people jumping off a cliff into the water offshore. I had jumped off some cliffs at my overnight camp during the summer and thought that this would be a cool idea. I hopped out of my kayak and followed some people around and up the cliff to jump off of. There was a spot at the top where most people were jumping off, but I was not tall enough to go up one of the steps, so I had to go on a lower part of the cliff. Thankfully, there was another guy there to guide we where to jump and show me what to do. I was really nervous because there were a lot of rocks at the bottom, but I knew I had to do it. Finally I jumped off and splashed into the warm Mexican water. I felt so great. I walked over to my mom with a huge smile on my face as she showed me a picture (which is my profile picture on facebook) and knew this was a great moment. 
Everyone has precious moments in their lives. We all have slices of life that we want to remember. This day in Mexico is one of those slices I will never forget.