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E.J. Fitzsimmons: A Life of Music

Music is something that has been around me in some way shape or form for my whole life. For example, if you look the wall of my living room you will see two banjos, two mandolins, three guitars, and a ukulele. I play guitar, mandolin, a little bit of banjo and I can play chords on the piano but not very well. My dad plays guitar and he has been playing since college so his folk music has always been present in my lifetime. All six of my brothers and sisters are musicians as well. I have a brother that plays drums, one who plays trumpet and harmonica, and another that plays guitar. All three of my sisters play guitar but my oldest sister also plays piano and sings as well. Sometimes some of us will get together and just play songs that we are learning or play old songs that we learned a while ago. A lot of the songs that I know how to play I learned at a camp called Windsor mountain where music surrounds you. There is so much talent among the campers and it is fun to listen to all of them play instruments like ukuleles, bass guitars, guitars, pianos, mandolins, etc., for they are all great at playing. As you can see, music is a big part of my life, but I would like to hear about some of the big influences that you all have in your lives.