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Odom Sam: Sandy Relaxation

Sandy Relaxation


A bright sun gleams in the sky,

heat showers on my shirtless back,

The heat is an open sauna,

Which relaxes me;

 At first.

Extreme heat stifles my breath

My patience wears thin,

I yearn to leap

I yearn to splash

 In the salty, cool Atlantic Ocean.

I head to the spongy mud like sand

At the water’s edge.

The bottom of my feet sinks with every step.

The texture was rough and grainy

It felt foreign between my toes,

I finally reached the shore,

The tide ebbed and flowed over my feet,

The cold water made my feet numb.

I walked into the sea,

Its chilly water crept over my skin.

An electric shiver traveled through my body

As I paced farther away from shore

The seawater rose,

Reaching my stomach.

As I paced farther away from shore

Sand grew laxer.

I inhaled deeply

Filled my lungs with the rich, briny air.

I dropped down under the surface of the shallow water,

Icy H2O engulfed my body;

Icy H2O engulfed my senses.

It begins to sooth me.

My feet touch the bottom of the mid deep water,

The consistency was refined and soft,

Like fresh ground sugar.

I push of the dusty white sand

 And rose from the surface,

My body accumulates to the saline sea.

I feel refreshed.