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Gordon Hargraves: Birch Rock Camp

  Birchrock_37          I have never written anything about the summer camp I go to every summer, Birch Rock Camp, for two reasons: Firs,  because I have seen many people write things about their summer camps and the writing always came out cheesy and they are all so similar, but I felt that Birch Rock deserved more than that half effort piece of writing. The second reason is because I could never find the words to fully describe Birch Rock. It is nothing short of the best community  I have ever been a part of and it is truly my second home. It the only place where I have ever played my guitar and sung in front of others, where I have fully expressed my religious beliefs to other people, and where a freshmen in college told me that I was the closest thing that he had to a brother. For a 15 year old kid who is constantly surrounded by his sister, it was one of, if not the best thing, that anyone has ever told me. 

            Birch Rock is better than a sunset. When I say sunset I’m talking about that cliché moment in a movie where you see a person staring at a sunset and they look completely happy. When I say that Birch Rock is better than a sunset, I mean that when I am at Birch Rock I feel better than what that person must feel like in the movie, and at Birch Rock I have seen way more than my share of sunsets, all much better than the ones in the movies. When I see that perfect sunset, it symbolizes everything that feels right--and being part of Birch Rock is just right.

            My parents struggled six years ago to make the decision to send me to Birch Rock. They thought I was going to be miserable, just like they were at their summer camps as kids. When they decided to let me go, they knew that it was the right decision right when they dropped me off. I still hear them talk about that day when they dropped me off and how I had the biggest grin they had ever seen, and how I was jumping six feet in the air. I know it is the best thing that has happened to me because Birch Rock made me into who I am now. That simple decision my parents made to send their 10 year old to camp was the best thing that they ever did for me.