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    For a little over a month now, a group of 10 ninth grade boys have been meeting every other Tuesday to transform a diesel powered Volkswagen Jetta into one that runs on used vegetable oil.  We have gotten off to a slow start,  but the group is gaining experience and knowledge, and most importantly we are working better with each other.   The first meeting in the garage was devoted to organizing all of the pieces, wires, and tubes into separate boxes and to build a game plan so we could start off running once we started work on the car.    The meeting was productive and it certainly helped when it was time to begin work on the car.   During the first Tuesday of working on the car, we quickly ran into a problem.   The problem was that all 10 boys were standing over the engine, watching one boy unscrew something.   It quickly became crowded, and the result was that not everyone was on the same page with what others were doing on the car.   During the home stretch of this meeting, though, the group pulled through and made progress.  

    The next meeting went much smoother than the first.   This was because we found a solution to the problem we encountered the first time with the room being so crowded.   At the beginning of the meeting four boys split off and discussed how we were to go about getting the vegetable oil.   We made a list of restaurants that we would like to call, and see if we can set up a symbiotic relationship where both sides benefit.   At the end of the meeting, with the two groups combined, a lot of progress was made on the engine and on the marketing front.  The group is definitely beginning to come together and work well with each other.   Through several meetings working on transforming a Jetta into a car that runs on vegetable oil, there has been tremendous improvement and it can only get better from here.
If you would like more up to date news and updates, visit fenngreasemobile.blogspot.com to track the team's progress.