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Leo Saraceno: Photography



Some days I get inspired to go out with my camera and just take pictures. Sometimes I won't even get up from my chair, just take pictures sitting.  Although other times I feel the need to longboard around Acton to fulfill my artistic appetite. I board around looking for that shot, that shot that just looks simply awesome. This shot is usually found outdoors, so outdoors is where I go.  

The outdoors gives a natural feel that the objects indoors do not. When you take a picture of something that only exists in modern technology it often feels largely uncreative.   Most things indoors are artificial which makes it difficult to take a shot that feels natural and creative. This is not too delude to the fact that a times shots with modern object are the most creative. It just seems to take away from that special feel that is given from a shot in the untamed nature.

I am not by any stretch a true nature photographer. If you look at my photos on my Fliker (a photo sharing website) then you will see that most of my pictures are of modern objects. I just have caught a glimpse of the raw, but yet simple awesome aspects of nature through photography. I feel lucky that I can feel the pulse of it. At times while I'm attempting to capture it within a simple shutter and lens. I feel the need to look closer, but yet also step back an just marvel at the world. I zoom in closer with my 70-300 zoom lens with a hope to capture the delicate beauty of just a single piece of a plant or tree. Or I try to zoom out and compensate by trying to shot a giant magnificent tree just absolutely vibrant in the setting sun.  

With each step out into the world with my camera I feel more and more captured by nature. I believe that this feeling is why I got into photography. Ever since I first stepped outside with a camera in my hand I felt the need to return and that is why I'm a photographer.