Jake Goorno: Haiku #1
Teddy McCluskey: The Selfish Night

Odom Sam: Then and Now

    I do not know if I’m the only one, but I abhor horror movies. Horror movies interest and grab my attention because of the anticipation that the whole idea is based on. I feel drawn to them, but then I quickly regret the decision that I stayed and watched the whole movie. Since technology has advanced greatly in the industry of entertainment, all the graphics seem so real. The vivid images of the gory scenes or the sounds of the screams always replay in my mind. The worst kind of horror movie, are ones that are about exorcists and hauntings. In my culture we believe in spirits and how the spirits of our loved ones watch over us, so call me superstitious, but I tend to believe in the unexplainable.

    I recall a time when I was about seven years old. My family and I visited my grandparents’ house for a little family get together. While we were all in the living room watching TV, my grandfather put in a new movie that he rented which was called “The Grudge” As a small child I did not pay much attention to the TV because of my inability to focus. I was always running around and jumping on the couch and playing with my Power Rangers. Time passed and while I took a break of defeating the all-time enemy of the red ranger—I looked up at the TV. There I saw bluish, grey women with dark and dirty short hair. Her eyes looked soulless as she stood at the bottom of what it looked like to be a rickety spiral staircase. Her mouth seemed to stretch out and break apart, as a long tongue slithered out of her mouth while making a monotone groan.

    At that moment I ran out of the living room and sprinted into my grandparent’s bedroom and crawled under the bed with the Red Ranger for protection. I was horrified at what I saw and that image of The Grudge imbedded itself in my head. Let’s just say I lost hours of sleep for the next few nights. Nowadays, Horror movies still have the power to grab my attention and then fill me with remorse, but my reactions differ from those of my youth.