Odom Sam: Then and Now
Zack Lisman: Society is Changing

Teddy McCluskey: The Selfish Night

“A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good,
but for neglecting his neighbor’s”
~Richard Whately


Fortress surrounds my mind
Making all that’s around me blocked out,
I don’t wish to ignore what’s around me
But I have no choice,

This invisible wall called ignorance
Blocks me from everyone’s problem.
The wife brings home a special stew she bought from the market
"Eh, let’s eat out."

We get into my silver and brand new leather seat car,
and I hear my son ask me to put on some pop music
But I’m in a country mood so I ignore him,

We sit down to eat at my favorite French restaurant
With the kids just dying to eat,
and my daughter looks at me
and says she wants the Parcatta salad
Fourteen dollars is too expensive. "No."

When we finish eating and are ready to go home,
I pay the check as a gentleman should,
Feeling like I have done a great thing for the family.
I place the money in the check book and start to walk out.

The waitress runs after me screaming at me from behind
Sir! Sir! You didn’t pay us the right amount,
I look in my pockets and I have the money
I was going to use to go bowling with my friends.
I look to my wife expecting her to pay the extra.

She smiles at me, and then starts to walk out with the children
I am all out of money she says; I’ll see you at the car honey!
After giving the waitress the money I was going to use for bowling
I walk out to the car seeing my wife with one bag
from the market right next to the restaurant,

My wife looks at me:
"Tomorrow night instead of bowling,
maybe you can stay home and enjoy
my special stew…."