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Andrew Najda: Banged Up Red Sox Make Roster Moves

    Today was an active day for the Red Sox to say the least as they made a number of important moves including sending two important starters to the DL.  The Red Sox who have cooled off after their red hot start (pun intended) are facing some serious injury problems as today they placed both Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino on the disabled list.  Yesterday Middlebrooks left the game with a lower back strain, while Victorino didn’t play for his third straight game as he is nursing his hamstring. With these two starters being moved to the disabled list his made room for the Red Sox to call up Alfredo Aceves and Jose Iglesias.  The Aceves call up seemed necessary as bull pen relief has been hard to come by especially when started Ryan Dempster only lasted 3 innings last night in a 12-3 blowout loss.  The more interesting call up for me is Jose Iglesias the so called “shortstop of the future”. The interesting thing about Jose Iglesias is that since the Middlebrooks injury he will actually be playing 3rd base something that he is not accustomed to. Iglesias though is probably the best young fielder the Red Sox have, though there are still questions about his batting ability.  Iglesias had great success earlier in the season when filling in for Stephen Drew when he went 9-20 over 6 games that he started in. Though after that major league stint he seemed to cool off hitting in the 200’s for the Red Sox’s AAA team.  Although Iglesias is not going to be a big producer right off the bat hitting wise, he will able to be a more then passible presence in the outfield, as many believe he will be a future gold glover.  On the other hand things can’t get much worse than the struggling Will Middlebrooks who was batting only .201 on the year for the Red Sox, with no signs of coming out of a slump, batting .184 in his last 10 games. I believe that the next month or so will be crucial for the Red Sox, this time will tell if they really are a team that will be able tom compete in the AL East, or if they will fall off the radar and eventually out of playoff contention which seems all too familiar to Red Sox fans after last year.