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When draft day rolls around in the NFL there are always a few teams that everyone has their eyes on, the New England Patriots always make things interesting on draft day, and this year was no exception. The Pats took a wide variety of players some seem like steals, while others make fans scratch their heads. Obviously no clear predictions on what kind of career each of these players will have can be made. Though, I will try my best to explain to you my point of view of the top 3 Patriots 2013 draft picks.


Jamie Collins, LB, Southern Miss (2nd Round, No. 52)

Jamie Collins out of Southern Miss is what I believe to be one of the better picks in this year’s draft for the Pats. Jamie is athletic to say the least his 4.64, 40 yard dash was quite impressive for an inside linebacker with his physical skillset. One reason that I believe he is going to be a great fit for the Patriots is his ability to be versatile, during college he started at 3 different positions and seems to be a player that Pats will be able to move around in the future. Collins to me has a big upside although right now he doesn’t have much experience obviously being a rookie. I believe he could add to the already punishing Patriots line backing core of Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo. It is clear that the Patriots also need help with their pass rush and Jamie Collins along with Chandler Jones could be a brutal combination to face a few years down the road.


Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall (2nd Round, No. 59 Overall)

No surprise that the Patriots where going to target the wide receiver position in this year’s draft after the departure of 3 crucial receivers: Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, and Deion Branch. Aaron Dobson could be the Pats answer to a problem that has plagued their organization for many years after the departure of Randy Moss, the lack of a deep threat. As a fan I love when Patriots QB Tom Brady airs the ball out 50 yards down the field, but what I don’t love in when no one is there to catch it, this is what Dobson could do. Dobson isn’t some possession receiver; he’s big, fast, and strong.  Not only could Dobson be a factor in the deep game but also I imagine him to be a great asset in the Patriots screen game which has been a staple of their offence for many years.  Although Dobson is still a rookie I see him getting plenty of reps at the No. 2 receiver spot this year, as I believe he could be a great contributor right off the bat, and hopefully a star in the future.


Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers - (3rd Round, No. 83 Overall)

Behind the obvious gap in the receiving position for the Patriots they seem to have had inconsistent play from their defensive backs for the last few years, which ties into the defensive struggles as a whole. In the third round the Patriots look Logan Ryan a 5-11, 191 pound corner from Rutgers. Logan Ryan seems to be a good fit for the Patriots organization; he is physical and a good tackler, who maybe lacks lateral speed though. What interests me is how similar he is to Patriots corner Kyle Arrington, they have almost the exact same frame, and very similar traits defensively. I think that Ryan will be able to make an impact in his first year with the Pats seeing most of his time in dime packages where he might be playing in the slot, which goes well with his physical and strong skill set.