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Andrew Najda: Daft Punk

    Ever since a few years ago when my friends randomly played hits from Daft Punks best album Discovery I fell in love, with the sound, with the lyrics, with the feel. I have for years now respected and loved their music listening to all of their songs countless times. It has been about 8 years since Daft Punk has released an album there latest being Human after all. Human after all was good in my point of view, but couldn’t compare to the feeling that I retained when listening to any song on Discovery. Being the big Daft Punk fan I am You can imagine that I was ecstatic when I found out that they were going to release another album, although I was ecstatic I was still skeptical on simply if I would like it or not. When they released their hit single “Get Lucky” I wasn’t sure what to think.  Get lucky was good with the vocals of Pharrell Williams but Daft Punks original sound seemed to take a back seat to the vocals. When the album started streaming on ITunes I was almost nervous to listen, hoping that the album was everything that I had been hoping for, and that has been for the most part what the result has been for me. I can safely say having listened to every track on the album, that all the songs in my opinion are really good. 

    That’s how Daft Punk has always been consistent, in the day and age where an album might have only a couple good songs, I believe this is a tremendous feat. Obviously though there are song that I like more, and songs that I like less, my top 3 songs in no particular order because I really can’t pick are as follow : Instant Crush, Lose Yourself to Dance, and Doin’ it Right. These three songs stick out to me on the album because they are so vastly different and unique from one another. Instant Crush has a more alternative feel which I really like, Lose Yourself to Dance obviously has more of a dance vibe to it, and Doin’ it Right is more classic Daft Punk, something that might have been on discovery all those years ago. In the last few years Daft Punk has become one of my favorite bands that I listen to sometimes all day and all night. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t heard them or maybe has only heard their recent hit “Get Lucky” should take a look at the rest of their album.