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Andrew Najda: The State of the Boston Celtics

    After being bounced early in the first round of the playoffs this years, many questions are starting to rise about the Celtics who although have 14/15 players still under contract from last year are facing questions about what the team will look like going forward. The aging superstars Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce are at the center of the discussion.  If the Celtics choose to bring Pierce back next year at $ 15.3 million it looks likely that Garnet would stay with the Celtics for another years instead of retiring. If Pierce is traded though most likely on draft day this could cause a real shake up for the Celtics roster, which could lose both Pierce and Garnet.  Garnet has basically already said that he doesn’t want his final year in the NBA to be a rebuilding year like the next one could possibly be if the Celtics trade Pierce. I would expect that if Pierce moves on from the Boston Celtics Garnett will not be too far behind.  One positive for the Celtics is stability at their head coaching position with Doc Rivers who seems to be the Celtics coach for the long haul after his 5 years, $35 million dollar contract after the 2011 season. 

    Another possible concern for the Celtics will be the health of Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger who both are looking to come back healthy for the Celtics in 2013.  Sullinger showed flashes of brilliance last year before getting injured and could very well be the power forward of the Celtics future.  Jeff Green also who broke out last year has sign of being a true star in the NBA which could prove all those naysayers wrong who were firmly against the Kendrick Perkins trade a couple of years back. Another question mark that nags at the Celtics is how two of their role players can play, after they both had somewhat disappointing years in their first season in a Celtics uniform. These two players are Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, who going into last season seemed like they had the chance to greatly impact the Celtics, but they both fell short of their mark last year with numbers drastically down from their years previously. The question from the ever so slowly aging Celtics is if they are going to make another run at a championship with their core or start to re-building process with the young talent that they have already assembled. Being a big Celtics fan I have loved the presence of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on my team for many years now. Sadly I think the time has come to move and see what the Celtics could acquire for these aging superstars. The Celtics have a busy off season no doubt, decisions made in the next few months for the Celtics could have large implications for the teams next year, but also for the Celtics 5 years down the road.