Gordon Hargraves:
Gavin Black: Losing

E.J. Fitzsimmons: A Drop in the Ocean

We start off timid, 
A drop of rain in the ocean.
A grain of sand on the beach.
A single cloud in the sky.

By the fifth grade we seem old,
We are the great kings,
We are the powerful presidents,
But only of the lower school.

Middle school as a whole new journey.
All new buildings, all new classes.
Stuck in the middle
Of a sea of people.

In the eighth grade you’re almost there.
Within reaching distance of supreme.
You are the Elders, but you’re not fully there.
Almost at the top.

Seniors seem all powerful,
In their fancy senior seats.
But we’re still just one of you,
A raindrop in the ocean.
I wrote this poem using the Microsoft speech recognition software.  I had to do a little bit of editing 
after writing all of this, but it was fun to give it a try. It is my first time using this so it didn’t turn
out too great in the beginning but it got a little better as I progressed.