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Black Skimmer 


Here is a picture of my Dad sailing his boat next to a lighthouse.

        My summers can get pretty crazy, but they are very relaxed at the same time. I go to a summer camp called Windsor Mountain for most of the summer, but in the time that I have when I’m not at camp, I love going to visit my grandparents in Cape Cod. There is so much to do in Cape Cod, and my personal favorite is going to the beach. Over the years in Cape Cod I have learned how to surf (not very well (: ), body surf, and build the ultimate sand castle with my Uncle, but my favorite of them all is sailing. I started sailing with my dad a while ago, but I only really started learning how to sail 3-4 years ago. Sailing is by far my favorite activity to do in the summer because it is so relaxing. My dad’s boat is a Black Skimmer and it is a lot different from most boats out on the water. The boat is around 25 feet long and only draws about 8 inches of water, so we can sail it almost anywhere, even over the sandbars. When I am on the boat with my family, we like to sail around in about a foot of water and jump out to go and explore. Another aspect of the boat that is different is that it doesn’t use a centerboard; instead it uses two leeboards. The leeboards have the same purpose as the centerboard, but they are on the sides, and you put the leeboard on the “lee” side, or the side away from the wind, down into the water. This helps to move the boat forward instead of sideways. The last part of the boat that is different from most boats is called a mizzen, which is a sail behind the mainsail that has the same purpose as a jib, to help turn the boat when jibing and tacking. This boat is one of the coolest boats that I have ever sailed in and is one of the highlights of my summer whenever I sail in it. If anyone reading this has a favorite activity or a favorite sailboat, they can comment on the post to let all of us here on The Fenn Voice know!