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Nate Winneg: Truth

Gavin Black: Vermont at its Finest

     When the trees change color, Vermont is at its best. The foliage is seen through the mountains and in valleys, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. My father had his old friend from college up to our Vermont house, it was him, his wife, and his two sons, Fritz and Clayton. Not to pick favorites but Fritz is cooler (not just because Fritz sounds like Fitz). Clayton is kind of a wuss so I did not connect with him well, but Fritz would love full contact things like football while Clayton would build card pyramids. Bruce, their father, was also a cool guy. Today we went golfing and I played my first full 18 holes of golf, I scored a 105 which sucks. The back nine is a lot prettier and easier than the front nine, so obviously I liked the back nine better. The view of the mountains from both the course and my house were extraordinary; it was beautiful. The clouds and the peaks of the mountains were clearly reflected off of our pond, which only added to the already breath-taking view. I love going to Vermont, but too much gets boring. I'm going up again this weekend with Dillon Cronin, and Max Cantara. With the new guest house built, we're just going to play NHL 09 all night and go cliff diving. Jumping in the frosty, cold pond off of the sun bleached paddle board, rocking the others off of it is something I look forward to.