Responsibility as it Pertains to Leadership
Dillon Cronin: The Photo Journal Part 2

Gordon Hargraves: The 2013 Talent Show

            Today was the talent show at Fenn. The talent show is run and organized by the student government and the MCs were the President and Vice President, James Sanderson and I. I was skeptical if the talent show was going to be good because I had only announced it a week earlier and unlike other talent shows we did not hold auditions. The one thing that I was happy about was the fact that there were only two piano performances. Don’t get me wrong, I think that piano performances are great, but in previous years most of the show has been piano performances and they get very boring. This year with only two they were not boring and both pieces were very good. I was also happy with the range of pieces we got this year. For example there was a guitar solo, an acapella group, a skit, and a small band. I have to give the small band recognition because I thought that they were so good. They played the songs Chameleon and The Final Countdown, all the melodies played with a trumpet which I thought sounded great. I really enjoyed this talent show because I was MCing it and I also got to perform in it. Dillon Cronin, Gavin Black and I did a rap called Straight Outta Mordor from the TV show Workaholics. What made this rap different was that it was a wizard rap meaning that we all dressed as wizards and rapped about wizardry. It ended up going really well and I thought that it was pretty funny. Overall this talent show was great because of the great talents and how the students preformed them.