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Josh Cabral:My Fenn Career

4th grade.

Didn’t know what to expect

I knew no one.

I was alone.

I was shy.

I was afraid.


5th grade.


I made new friends.

I felt accepted

I was more outgoing

I was feeling the Fenn love.


6th grade.

Not my best year.

I was slacking.

I wasn't working hard.

I wasn’t serious.


7th grade.

Nothing changed.

I was Immature.

I took Fenn for granted

I struggled.


8th grade.

An amazing year

I had great friends.

I had fun times.

I had the best times.

I started to realize I needed to work

I needed to work hard.


9th grade.

Best year of my life.

I am working hard.

I have great friends.

I have great teachers.

I couldn’t have asked for a better year.


Now that I look back,

On all my years of Fenn,

I can see that I’ve grown.

I’ve grown into a hard worker,

A good friend,

A young adult.


 I started out as a shy little 10 year old.


5 years later,

 I’m leaving here.


As and outgoing,



And hardworking young man.

The young man Fenn raised me to be.