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Nate Winneg: Move On

For some moving on is a skill,

something that takes practice.

Some people have trouble moving on,

however not always is it an issue.

When you have been doing something,

for a large portion of life,

some may feel sad when it ends.

They are weak.

If something happens that you don’t like,

but you realize that you can’t change it,

You must learn to let it go.

It can be done.

You can’t change how tall you will grow,

or how long your arms become.

Brush it off, let it go.


If you have made a mistake,

you will not feel better until you forget.

Let go.


However there is a problem,

with forgetting the mistakes of the past.

For if we forget what has happened,

we are destined to repeat it.

If something is getting to you,

and you know you can’t change it.

Let it go.

But remember not to repeat the past.