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Reid Shilling: The Season Begins

    Just yesterday, my dad and I hit the river to go fishing. It is pretty early season, so we weren't expecting to catch fish, let alone big ones. We were assuming that the only fish in the river this early in the season were small fish, but we were very surprised. On my first cast, I hooked up with something large. As I felt the pressure of this fish, I knew our prediction was wrong, first off there are fish around, and second of all, they aren’t small. My rod was doubled over and the drag was screaming as this fish stole line from my reel. I battled this fish for a few minutes until I brought it to the shore and pulled it up on the marsh. I was pleasantly surprised at how fat he was. We placed the fish on the ground and he measured at approximately 29 inches. The legal limit is 28 inches, so he was barely over the keeper size. My dad didn’t hook up, but he did feel a hit about ten minutes later, so the fish were still there. We kept fishing and said we would go for one more keeper. About 15 minutes later, “Whoooosh,”a large striped bass took my shad lure at the surface and took off in the opposite direction. Once again, I knew this wasn’t a small fish, and I knew it was going to be a battle. I fought this fish for a few more minutes before hauling it to the shore and admiring it as a 28-inch keeper striped bass.

            So it was a good day on the fishing front. I had some great action battling some large striped bass. It also added to the day that we had two delicious fish to bring home for dinner. I am looking forward to going out on our boat in the next few weeks, but for now I am satisfied with last weekends turnout.

Pictured above are the two fish