Jake Goorno: A Mother's Love
By: James Sanderson: How I Am

Will Haslett: Rejuvenation







The elixir of life
Is finally renewed.

Its liquid percolates through
Every vine, bud and tree stump,
Refreshing all of nature’s canals.

An infant's precious cry
Echoes off the leaf-green walls
Surrounding its rickety hospital crib.
The first of many:
Either cries of joy or fiery anger.

Flowers that surrendered
To the ferocious winter
Are permitted a new beginning. 

The lone daffodil lunges upwards,
Blasting through the frozen dirt
With its newly acquired jackhammer,
Grain after grain,
It is engulfed in the suns massive reign.

A peasant in a universal kingdom.

Blue birds and blood-red cardinals
Stain the sky,
As heaven’s gates are unlocked,
Releasing paradise’s alluring, inviting fluid.

It’s a season that may not last forever,
But it lasts long enough to cleanse all.