Zack Lisman: Looking Out
E.J. Fitzsimmons: The Catch of a Lifetime

Teddy McCluskey: Darkness

I am heading towards a tunnel of darkness
All I have is my strength and I
I walk slowly towards the never ending tunnel
Darkness covers the cave and its surroundings

Outside there is light and pure life but not in the cave
I stand behind an object blocking me from getting into the cave
I look around and notice the huge rock in my way is moveable
I move towards the side of the dark cave and start to push

The rock slides easily across the thick cold sand in the dark
I see small pebbles and black dots all over the sand
The sand has a look to it that makes it seem too dark to be real
I stand and look forward not knowing what’s in front of me as I enter

The air is cold and I feel the temperature drop even more
I remember my reason for entrance and keep moving
I decide to crawl to give myself a better feel for what’s ahead
I feel the ground getting harder then soft again

I wonder what it is but I can’t find that out
I notice a sound coming from the other side of the dark cave
It’s the sound of dropping water on a rock
I pull myself towards it and find that there’s a mini puddle in that area

I feel the water give me energy to continue without even drinking it
I wonder what makes this area so strange
All of a sudden I feel remorse for all the hate and pain I caused people
I look forward and see nothing and I start to cry

I pray for forgiveness of my life and I feel an immediate response
I look up and see light in front of me… My journey is over