By James Sanderson: One of the Few
Nate Winneg: Move On

Will Haslett: "The Times They Are a-Changin"


    Bob Dylan's powerful song has stayed relevant nearly fifty years later. The Civil Rights 
Movement is no longer an issue like it was in the sixties, although the ideas still remain prevalent. This track has so much further meaning though. It is not only the title track of one of his albums but the title track of our country and world today. This song was written in protest of civil rights and in 2008 a black president was inaugurated into the oval office. That sounds like change. Bob Dylan did predict change but I doubt it was anything this drastic. This song represents the revolution all around the world.

     It no longer matters if a gay couple wants to marry. They have the same rights that a straight couple would. It no longer matters whether someone is black or white, the water fountains, the Dylan-timesbuses, the bathrooms, and the restaurants--they are all for everyone. It no longer matters if a family is wealthy or poor, everyone can survive in America. No more dwelling on the past; the times have changed. It is time to look towards the future. Bob Dylan urged our parents and our grandparents and even our great grandparents to realize all this and step forward. Change comes with action and music can be that action. Protest comes in many different forms and Bob Dylan saw it in a new album.

As long as the harmonica is pumping out melodious tunes, the times are still changing and they forever will be.