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Zack Lisman: Society is Changing

    Collins Monday April 29, 2013 was a big day in the Professional Sports world, and in the entire country of America. Jason Collins, an active NBA player, became the first active player in professional sports to announce that he is gay. It is a great to know that now a major part of society is becoming more accepting of sexual identity. Professional sports has never been great at accepting differences dating back to the Jackie Robinson era. Throughout the week Collins has gotten a ton of support from the NBA, and even some players in other major American sports.  

    Back when my dad was growing up in the 1960's and 70's being gay was so frowned upon by society that no one even considered ever talking about it. Today our country has progressed to be more tolerant of race, religion, sexual identity, and other minority qualities. There are no colored fountains and no colored bathrooms anymore. Everyone is allowed to use the same facilities. America has changed as a country in so many ways to give all citizens the same treatment and rights. At Fenn we celebrate and cultivate diversity.

    We have an entire day in April called the Cultural Arts Festival where the entire student body of Fenn participates in different workshops to celebrate different cultures of the world. There is also a diversity committee that meets once a week to talk about different cultures and equal rights for all. I have always been a believer that everybody should be treated the same no matter their differences. I have friends that are of a different race, different religion and a much different family background to me. I do not treat them any different because of any different qualities they have. Jason Collins should be treated that way.

      Monday is only the beginning of accepting differences in professional sports.