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June 2013

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody” ~Steven Chbosky Six years have gone by since I met him last. The same kid who knew how to do the bare minimum and come out like all the others. If these last six years had not happened, I would still be that kid. Fenn taught me to work. I had never worked as hard as the last six years. Fenn shaped me into the kid I am now. The one who tries to succeed, and puts effort into his work. My 4th and 5th grade teachers knew exactly what kind of kid I was when I arrived to Fenn, and they knew how to ‘fix’ me. If the is anything I can say thank you to at Fenn, it would be to my teachers and advisors, because I could still be that system-cheating kid. I go against Thoreau in this sense, because I have heard helpful advice from my elders. I began only getting ME’s (meets expectations) and never SS’s (shows strength), because I did not try. I saw no point in trying. Then because my parents gave me a little ‘incentive’ to try harder, I followed my teacher’s directions. One trimester later, I receive a high honors card and one hundred dollars richer (my parents ‘incentive’). The high honors card was something to be proud of; it made me want another just like it. Letter grades shot that dream out of the sky. It wasn’t until 8th grade... Read more →

Nate Winneg: Change

“The wind blows, and things change forever.” [Anonymous] Change Change is not inevitable. As I looked out at the crowd that day, halfway through my recitation of the Pearl Harbor speech by President Roosevelt, I felt like my insides were on fire. To use the common metaphor, I felt that the butterflies in my stomach were fed up of being inside me and were frantically smashing against the walls of my abdomen. I had frozen. I could barely hear, however, I could hear just enough to recognize Gavin Black struggle to give me the next line of the speech. I suppose he had such faith that I would do well that he felt he would not need to give me my line. How wrong he was. Before that moment, no one knew how afraid I was of public speaking. But, now it was information that was privilege to all who sat in that crowd. As I look back on that day, I can laugh at myself. However, in the back of my mind, there will always be, burned there, the memory of being scared to death of the crowd. But, that day was only the beginning. The next few years I did the in class version of that speaking contest, and this year, I had the opportunity to do a senior reflection. Preparing for it brought back memories of that day that I froze. But this time I was determined to do better. When I stood in front of the... Read more →