Nate Winneg: Change
Welcome To The Fenn Voice

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't
stop for anybody”
~Steven Chbosky

Six years have gone by since I met him last. The same kid who knew how to do the bare minimum and come out like all the others. If these last six years had not happened, I would still be that kid. Fenn taught me to work. I had never worked as hard as the last six years. Fenn shaped me into the kid I am now. The one who tries to succeed, and puts effort into his work. My 4th and 5th grade teachers knew exactly what kind of kid I was when I arrived to Fenn, and they knew how to ‘fix’ me. If the is anything I can say thank you to at Fenn, it would be to my teachers and advisors, because I could still be that system-cheating kid. I go against Thoreau in this sense, because I have heard helpful advice from my elders. I began only getting ME’s (meets expectations) and never SS’s (shows strength), because I did not try. I saw no point in trying. Then because my parents gave me a little ‘incentive’ to try harder, I followed my teacher’s directions. One trimester later, I receive a high honors card and one hundred dollars richer (my parents ‘incentive’). The high honors card was something to be proud of; it made me want another just like it. Letter grades shot that dream out of the sky. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I received another one. It became an expectation to get at least honors from my parents, but that isn’t important to me as much. I would always rather enjoying everything about Fenn than focus solely on getting a four by six in card with writing on it. The sports, arts, and hanging out with friends aspect of Fenn called toward me louder than academics. I loved being well rounded, rather than a single sharp edge. Without Fenn, I wouldn’t be me. I would be a meager shadow of who I am now.