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Unexpected Turns: Isaac Ostrow & Cam Fries


An Exploration into The Call of The Wild

Those days which are the hardest are the most impactful



    Life is ride of ups and downs on the biggest rollercoaster, happiness, then sadness, luck, then misfortune everyone will experience this ride, and so did I. While reading The Call of the Wild, my emotions were up and down as dogs died and people stole. And all the while Buck’s ride was wild too. As I read this book Jack London painted a perfect adventure fiction book that really made me invested into this book. In this story Jack London is try to explain how life can lead you into unexpected places, and sometimes if you embrace them you will be in a better place. London wielded Buck as a swordsman uses a sword, or a blacksmith his hammer. He used Buck to give parallel to the human world from the dog world, because of their natural instinct. London wrote this because he wanted someone like me to be moved to embrace the future rather than resist and regret the past.


    Buck was horrified when he was taken away from his home and was so depressed and deprived. His pride and body were dragged through the mud and spit out in Alaska, in the cold north. As mankind went feverishly mad over the yellow rocks that could be found there and would bring fortune, dogs where needed to pull sleds to facilitate them. Mans greed made so many dogs be stolen or sold into the north for death. Buck was one of these victims. He was out of his natural place, yet was he? London slowly, but surely dropped hints about how Buck was so close to being in his natural habitat. However him being pampered by the easy life had made it harder to adjust. He hunted, he fought for leadership, and found the thrill of the wild north.

I am genuinely glad I read this book, beside all the dogs dying it made me look at life differently. As Buck navigated through unknown waters I feel like London slowly put together a masterpiece of a lesson that was not visible at first. As Buck changed and fought, I felt myself changing how I look at life and how I went through the day. I felt like when I was unsure about something I had to go to I would make the most out of it. Previously I might have not made it fun because of my pride because I thought it was not going to be fun and it was. This story made me think of a lot of other stories, but I felt in this one Everyone around Buck died. Somehow Jack London still made me happy at the end of the book

As Jack London wove his masterpiece right in front of my face I learned about how to make my life easier and just good general wisdom. He taught me that you might think you know what is around the corner, but chances are you don’t, so you better be ready to embrace that unexpected turn.


-class of 2018