Moses' Math Homework
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Moses' Math Homework

I wake up this morning to the rising sun

But then I remember my homework's not done

I can't tell my parents because they'll be mad

But if I don't finish my grade will be bad

I get dressed and run down the stairs 

To my mom yelling that the an is almost there.

I think to myself, this is not good,

last night I got distracted by the Jew crew brotherhood

I get to school and get right on my science

But I couldn't get work done becasue my friends were defiant 

I finally finished and was late for class too

Then I realized thsat I still had math to do

I head off to class thinking: "how can I do it?"

But then I realized that I can just jew it

I snapped and then Moses appeared

He looked pretty classy with his long white beard

"What is your wish, my fellow Jew?"

"I wish for my math homework to be done before the dew."

"Your wish has been granted, my fellow Jew"

My math homework was done, sections one, three, and two.

Thank you Moses, you are the best.

No problem, my friend. May your life be blessed.

Then he disappeared, as most Moses's do. 

After this, I felt my Jewiness grew.

I headed out to math with a confident stride

I pulled out my homework with so much pride

"What are you smiling about?" My math teacher said.

I smiled and laughed knowing I had a long class ahead.


By Joe Solomon

Class of 2018