Walden Literary Analysis Paragraph

A Funny Moment

A Funny Moment

By Isaac Ostrow

Comedy isn't pretty.

“I don’t get no respect, no respect at all, I tell ya.”
~Rodney Dangerfield


    Humor’s power in interactions is incalculable. It was humor that taught me the importance of friendship. When my friendships were tentative, when all of my friends were tense, I knew that humor would always liberate the lubricating oils of friendship.

    This was never more clear to me than when at a LAN party with three of my closest friends. We were unsure of what we were doing next, and CS:GO 2v2s had been growing old. Luckily, humor was there to free up the flow of the night. I had tossed a flash bang at Rowan, for no other purpose than to enrage him. Our poor host threw up his hands, threw out his headset, and bellowed:         

    “One more god dammed flash bang, and I’m leaving!”

     We appeased him and gently lulled him into silence, which was induced by the false sense of security. Brad and I wore down Cam and Rowan, and the next round dawned. Seizing the opportunity, I bought a flashbang. I called a time out and pulled up the song “Handclap”, by Fitz and the Tantrums on my phone. You see, Rowan has a habit, in extreme rage, of clapping his hands. The song’s chorus, which I skipped to, says: 

    “I can make your hands clap”. The round started with one last fleeting lie, that I had sworn off stun grenades. Little did Rowan know, another flash was coming. The majestic arc over the orange walls brought the magnesium-filled canister to a bouncing halt before my foe. As the grenade went off, Rowan sprung out of his chair. I pressed play on my phone. Right in symphony with my phone, Rowan yelled out in his angst, just as he applauded his rage away. 

    “I can make your hands clap!”

    Although it may have seemed like a cruel prank, and admittedly it was, the mood for the rest of the night was great, even for the short-fused Rowan. It didn’t matter that it lasted all of five seconds. It didn’t matter that we had done this type of thing before, and it didn’t matter that the night had gotten stale with mediocrity. It only mattered that humor liberated the night from boredom.

    For me, it only matters that I have humor as a tool in my toolbox to resolve any situation, for when the going gets rough, the tough start “humina humina humina-ing”