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Fenn is not only a place where you learn how to do, but a place where you learn how to be. In September of 2009, I arrived on campus for my first day of school, and now, as I approach the end of my Fenn career, there are few remaining traces of that shy and quiet boy from so many years ago. I have not only learned the true meaning of Honesty, Respect, Empathy, and Courage, but I have begun to discover who I am, and who I wish to become. Fenn has given me the gift of confidence, and for that, I will forever be grateful. At Fenn, I have always been encouraged to take risks and to redefine my capabilities. The continuous support of my peers, my teachers, and the entire Fenn community creates a sense of comfort and of safety in trying new ventures. Exposing myself to new and unfamiliar territories, and pushing myself further and further has been an integral part of my Fenn experience. Fenn has taught me the value of taking risks and the importance of learning from trying, even when the outcome had not been what I had hoped for. As the years went on and I began to grasp my true potential, I became more and more confident. Another gift that Fenn has given me is a sense of leadership for myself and for others. For years I idolized the ninth grade class, and I dreamed of the day that I could... Read more →

Odom Sam: End of the Year Thoughts and Motivation

Since it is nearing the end of my Fenn career it’s hard to hold onto the strong resilience in motivation that I instilled in myself in the beginning of the year. The teachers in the 9th grade know that during the spring term the seniors tend to slack off because we have been accepted to our schools and know where we are going to end up in the following year. Sometimes I wake up and think, where has that feeling gone? The feelings that I had in the beginning of the year where I would do my homework after I first arrived at my house. When I would study those few extra hours for that test or spend that extra ten minutes on my homework. I ask myself why that motivation has disappeared. It is a sort of an epidemic, but we still need to stay strong and keep up with our work. The reality is that there are only a handful of weeks left so why not have that last burst of energy and focus into our work. Everyday seems like it gets longer because of how slow it seems to get. It’s slow because of the big end of the year projects that are going to be due and the many tests that we stress over. As the day goes on, I know that all we can do is persevere through our urges to be lazy and shake off the forgetfulness of doing our homework, but saying is... Read more →

Kyler Hall: "If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing"

The toughest transition for me was my move from San Diego to Massachusetts. I had grown up most of my life in San Diego up until 5th grade, and I was old enough where I made some close friends. I had one friend, in particular, that I was especially close with. I lived right down the street from him and we used to always swim, play lacrosse, and bike together. When I learned that we were moving, though, I was not old enough to fully understand that I was probably not going to see him for a long time. I remember he and his family came to our house the morning we were leaving for the east coast and they helped up pack up the car and said their final goodbyes. We had always said that we were going to be co-pilots in a fighter jet and we would work with each other again, but it was at this moment as we drove away that I was filled with sadness, and took the brunt of the situation in that one moment. When we arrived on the east coast is where I can connect this quote to my story. When I arrived in Southborough and started school, I did not know anybody and nobody knew me. I had a tough time opening up to new people and all I wanted was to move back to California. By 7th grade I had met some kids through lacrosse that I started to hang... Read more →

Connor McAvoy: How Fenn Has Changed Me

People change over time. Through Fenn I have evolved and changed over the years. I remember being absolutely terrified of everything coming to Fenn. And now leaving as a ninth grader I feel more confident in general. I remember coming to school on my first day and getting hopelessly lost trying to find my way to Math class. Now walking through the halls I know them like the back of my hand, I could tell someone where anyone’s class is. Without Fenn I would be completely different person then I am today. The biggest part of my change was the boost to my confidence. When I arrived at Fenn I was scared of everything. Talking to new people, finding my way around, even getting to know my teachers was a source of anxiety for me. I was always a little frightened of new things. I have never been truly scared of anything, but somehow each time I tried something new a pocket of fear was always there. I will always be the kid who wants to go skydiving, jump of the bridge, or travel around the world, but for some reason talking to new people at this new school frightened me. Now as a ninth grader meeting new people is exciting for me. The fear is completely gone now and I can say I am now a much more confident person coming out of Fenn then I was going in 4 years ago in sixth grade. The second part of... Read more →

Will Haslett Expectations Shape My Life

I have expectations that I must fulfill. My parents have expectations for me that I must fulfill. My siblings do. My grandparents do. My dog does. My entire family expects me to be everything that they look for. This translates directly into pressure. Pressure from family to get into a secondary school. Pressure to try something new and different. It can be the smallest expectation or the biggest and most life-altering expectation, but these indirectly shape my life. These external expectations do not even have to be verbally stated or written down. Some of them are just given and understood. There are also expectations that come from within. These can be the same as external ones because sure, I want to get into a secondary school just as much as my parents want me to. I feel though that they have the most power. These are the expectations that you create and you get to perform, making them revolve completely around you and only you. No one else has any influence it all occurs inside. Now these expectations though daunting and unwanted are essential. You must succeed in life to be happy and to succeed you must do well in school, try new things, and work to be the best. The only way to go about this, is to follow the expectations you establish and work towards the ones created for you externally. Both internally and externally, expectations are made and it is up to you to grasp them and... Read more →

Gavin Black: Boston Marathon Cold Truth

I heard about it before my family. My friend from California texted me asking if I was alright, I had no idea what she was talking about, then she told me. I went online to find out the whole story behind the bombing, and saw gruesome pictures and stories about the runners. There were reports of deaths, countless injuries, and limbs blown straight off the body. I saw one story about a man who was going to propose to his girlfriend when she crossed the finish line, but she never did. I couldn't read further, I went outside for some fresh air. After a couple hours of relaxing and going about my regular day while thinking about the bombing, I went on Facebook. At least everyone had posted something about it, saying, "My thoughts and prayers are with the runners and families of those effected" and things like that. More posts of: "How can we live in a world where this happens". The cold truth about it is that in two weeks or so, the majority of people will forget it happened, and won't care unless it's brought up. About how we can live on this planet anymore, it's quite easy. "The majority of people are good, and the good will always outnumber the bad"- Patton Oswolt Huffington Post. There will always be that handful of people that don't have their heads screwed on right, and who aren't good, but that is the price everyone has to pay to live... Read more →

Odom Sam: Tragedy in Boston

Last Monday a shroud of terror fell upon the Boston marathon. Small concentrated mechanisms of death detonated on Patriots day. The explosions echoed in the city while the scared footsteps of the people a heard sprinting away from the craters left in the ground. The screams of the victims filled the ears of the spectators. The cries for help permiated in the atmosphere. Strangers reacted. Everyone rushed to help the fallen and the hurt. Sirens came from every direction. Policemen and ambulances rushed in to help , brought the wounded to hospitals and helped everyone evacuate the area safely. This event destroyed the joyous holiday of marathon Monday. This horrific act affected many people. It baffles the mind as to why someone chose to hurt so many people on such a festive day. Many Massachusetts residents have visited Boston for its attractions. Numerous families and people who traveled to see the marathon from all over the world came to support their relatives or friends in the running and to happily cheer on anyone who passed them. Even innocent children experienced traumatic images that no one should endure. Even though it was a horrid event to experience I am glad to know that we are part of a community in Boston where people are selfless and help one another. Every time I turn on the TV I hear about strangers helping the weak to safety, or instead of running away, they run into the confusion to do good. I feel lucky... Read more →

Mitchell Groves~ The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian/ Highschool

High school, to many, is a new and exciting world, and all of us have been through it or will at some point in their lives. In the book, The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Arnold has a tough time fitting in to high school, because he is a Native American in an entirely white school. Immediately he becomes an outcast, and must work to fit in. At the time the book takes place, racism was a big and present thing, and he is teased to the point where he punches a kid right in the face. Anybody who is coming into high school, or adapting to a new place, is bound to have some problems fitting in. There will continue to be problems until they find a group of kids that they feel comfortable with. Everybody in high school wants to be cool, but it’s not an easy task. This book isn’t just a story of overcoming the obstacles that adolescents face in high school; it is a story about how great things can be achieved by anyone. Luckily, the author does such a tremendous job incorporating humor, that the whole idea of struggle is not such a tough thing to grasp. In the book, Arnold has problems just like most kids would, but he also has a great deal of triumphs. This book will bring back memories from anybody’s high school days (hopefully good ones), and it will teach young students that high school has... Read more →

Connor McAvoy: My Time at Fenn

All good things have to come to end. These will be my last few months at Fenn. Over the past 4 years, mentally and physically, and Fenn has clearly shaped my growth. I remember coming to school on my first day and getting hopelessly lost trying to find my way to Math class. Now walking through the halls I know them like the back of my hand, I could tell someone where anyone’s class is. I remember being completely and terrible afraid of tests and studying for at least 2 days in preparation. Fenn has now taught me to take those in strides, I have learned to evaluate and spend the time needed on each subject in order to get a good grade. I remember hearing about WW Fenn and having my stomach drop realizing I had to stand up and recite a poem for my entire class. Now I can easily chose and memorize a 3 minute poem, versus less than a minute in sixth grade, and be confident doing. I especially remember being terrified of exams. Unfortunately for me that hasn’t changed at all. I guess some things never do change. I suppose I have out grown Fenn, but this will always be the school where I grew into the person I am today. Sure, I might grow and change opinions on things all throughout high school, but this will always be the place where I grew two feet and developed from a nervous wreck of a new... Read more →

Teddy McCluskey: Fenn School Reflection

Well I guess i should start by saying thank you Kyler. If it wasn't for you I would still be the new boy and in 8th grade that was extremely tough for me. I had already started a new middle school and it was a year and a half and I was already changing schools again. Wait.. It's honestly already time to change schools again? How does time fly when your doing Homework! I guess It has to be all the amazing memories and times I have had at the Fenn School and the friends and bonds I have made throughout my two years at school have matured me into the adult I am today. My time at Fenn has been life changing and memerable. I have been given experiences and adventures i never would of had if I stayed at public school and challenges I have had to face that I wouldn't face anywhere else. I have a reflection infront of the entire school tomorrow that scares me half to death but with the help and preporation teachers and classmates give me to succeed makes everything enjoyable. I feel like an adult at Fenn and I am most certainly treated like one and without all these wonderful adventures and experiences I go through every single day I wouldn't be the gentleman I am today. I would have to say the people who have made this year the best for me is Mrs. Ward the headmaster's wife who helped me... Read more →