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Andrew Najda: Daft Punk

Ever since a few years ago when my friends randomly played hits from Daft Punks best album Discovery I fell in love, with the sound, with the lyrics, with the feel. I have for years now respected and loved their music listening to all of their songs countless times. It has been about 8 years since Daft Punk has released an album there latest being Human after all. Human after all was good in my point of view, but couldn’t compare to the feeling that I retained when listening to any song on Discovery. Being the big Daft Punk fan I am You can imagine that I was ecstatic when I found out that they were going to release another album, although I was ecstatic I was still skeptical on simply if I would like it or not. When they released their hit single “Get Lucky” I wasn’t sure what to think. Get lucky was good with the vocals of Pharrell Williams but Daft Punks original sound seemed to take a back seat to the vocals. When the album started streaming on ITunes I was almost nervous to listen, hoping that the album was everything that I had been hoping for, and that has been for the most part what the result has been for me. I can safely say having listened to every track on the album, that all the songs in my opinion are really good. That’s how Daft Punk has always been consistent, in the day and... Read more →

Gordon Hargraves:

Recently in English call we have been reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare, a classic that many 9th grade English classes read. There is one thing that I have found extremely interesting in reading Macbeth and that is the connection that I have found between Macbeth and the band Mumford and Sons. Now the only reason that I was able to find a connection was because that I am a Mumford and Sons fanatic, I’m obsessed with the band. What I have started to find is that Mumford and Sons has used some of the lines from Macbeth in some of their songs. For example in the song “Roll Away Your Stone” Mumford and Sons uses the line, “Stars hide your fires, these are my desires.” Those two lines are almost identical to the ones in Macbeth when Macbeth says on Line 51 Act 1 Scene 4, “Stars, hide your fires, Let not light see my black and deep desires. I think it is interesting that Mumford and Sons is ripping off Shakespeare. Also if you listen to the songs they are taking themes and plots from Shakespeare too. In an interview, Marcus Mumford was quoted saying, "You can rip off Shakespeare all you like; no lawyer's going to call you up on that one." It easy to see that Mumford and Sons has no shame in taking lines and themes from Shakespeare, and they don’t stop there. The song “The Cave” was entirely written from The Odyssey by Homer, and... Read more →

Bob Dylan's powerful song has stayed relevant nearly fifty years later. The Civil Rights Movement is no longer an issue like it was in the sixties, although the ideas still remain prevalent. This track has so much further meaning though. It is not only the title track of one of his albums but the title track of our country and world today. This song was written in protest of civil rights and in 2008 a black president was inaugurated into the oval office. That sounds like change. Bob Dylan did predict change but I doubt it was anything this drastic. This song represents the revolution all around the world. It no longer matters if a gay couple wants to marry. They have the same rights that a straight couple would. It no longer matters whether someone is black or white, the water fountains, the buses, the bathrooms, and the restaurants--they are all for everyone. It no longer matters if a family is wealthy or poor, everyone can survive in America. No more dwelling on the past; the times have changed. It is time to look towards the future. Bob Dylan urged our parents and our grandparents and even our great grandparents to realize all this and step forward. Change comes with action and music can be that action. Protest comes in many different forms and Bob Dylan saw it in a new album. As long as the harmonica is pumping out melodious tunes, the times are still changing and they... Read more →

The question of "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" is becoming commonly asked, and I even saw it on a secondary school application. I was thinking about it last night when I couldn't fall asleep, and I came up with the superpower of my choice. I would want to be able to go back in time. Now I may not be able to save the universe with super strength like Superman, but it would be interestingto be able to see the world a different way. Most people would want to go back to the times of dinosaurs and cavemen, or early civilization, but I would rather stay closer in the past. I would go back to the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. I mostly would want to see the change in culture in everyday life. The music that was popular then is now making a comeback on the radio, and I want to hear that music when it was popular. And not to forget that Michael Jackson was around. Cars, clothes, and accessories that are from this time frame are now considered "vintage" and everyone wants them. Wouldn't it be interesting to have all these things in everyday life? To walk down the street and see old Chevy's and Dodge muscle cars that wouldn't turn heads. I think this would be fascinating. If I could take a trip to anywhere back in time, I wouldn't need to go far to see what a change America has... Read more →

Odom Sam: Where I Am From

I am from the tire screeches that pierce the ears and the flashing lights that daze the sights. loud music that sways the mind and the beats that echo in the neighborhoods, the security of fences, yet the hatred and vulnerability of the borders. I am from the torn country that was left in shambles and the lost children that were forgotten. From the crimson red and cerulean Blue flag that falsely waves in the sky and the half raised counterpart that I look up at now; that struggles to rise again. “Don’t give up, Don’t give in. Stand up; take control.” Support comes from within and around, Uplifting the sorrowful past and abandoned dreams; To open new doors for opportunities. I am from the lonely timbering trees at the corner of the streets, misplaced and surrounded by the cold, rugged cement. The trash scattered streets that reek of the stench of hopelessness, the vacant clear walls covered with colored impressions and letters. The lost and faithful who wander the streets, searching for loose coke bottles and dented cans, Scavenging for the pieces of survival that derive from the-- Clink! and Clang! I am from the fluffy, white rice and the juicy, smokey Loc Lac that melts as I chew. The greasy, messy hamburgers and the fruit flavored soft drinks that dance on the surface of the tongue. I am from the fruit smoothies with black gummy pearls, and the crunchy, yet soft fried ice cream, yet still apart of... Read more →

E.J. Fitzsimmons: A Life of Music

Music is something that has been around me in some way shape or form for my whole life. For example, if you look the wall of my living room you will see two banjos, two mandolins, three guitars, and a ukulele. I play guitar, mandolin, a little bit of banjo and I can play chords on the piano but not very well. My dad plays guitar and he has been playing since college so his folk music has always been present in my lifetime. All six of my brothers and sisters are musicians as well. I have a brother that plays drums, one who plays trumpet and harmonica, and another that plays guitar. All three of my sisters play guitar but my oldest sister also plays piano and sings as well. Sometimes some of us will get together and just play songs that we are learning or play old songs that we learned a while ago. A lot of the songs that I know how to play I learned at a camp called Windsor mountain where music surrounds you. There is so much talent among the campers and it is fun to listen to all of them play instruments like ukuleles, bass guitars, guitars, pianos, mandolins, etc., for they are all great at playing. As you can see, music is a big part of my life, but I would like to hear about some of the big influences that you all have in your lives. Read more →