Moses' Math Homework

I wake up this morning to the rising sun But then I remember my homework's not done I can't tell my parents because they'll be mad But if I don't finish my grade will be bad I get dressed and run down the stairs To my mom yelling that the an is almost there. I thinnk to myself, this is not good, last night I got distracted by the Jew crew bbrotherhood I get to school and get right on my science But I couldn't get work done becasue my friends were defiant I finally finished and was late for class too Then I realized thsat I still had math to do I head off to class thinking: "how can I do it?" But then I realized that I can just jew it I snapped and then Moses appeared He looked pretty classy with his long white beard "What is your wish, my fellow Jew?" "I wish for my math homework to be done before the dew." "Your wish has been granted, my fellow Jew" My mathhomework was done, sections one, three, and two. Thank you Moses, you are the best. No problem, my friend. May your life be blessed. Then he disappeared, as most Moses's do. After this, I felt my Jewiness grew. I headed out to math with a confident stride I pulled out my homework with so much pride "What are you smiling about?" My math teacher said. I smiled and laughed knowing I had a long... Read more →

Joe Solomon: Feelings of Fall

I step outside The air, crisp as a cortland apple It takes over my lungs like the gas chambers in Germany The cold comes over me like a wave The smells of last nights fire still hangs in the air The sounds of birds screeching as there young plummet to their death I still feel the cold touch of my uncle’s hand as he slips into darkness I still hear the last words that he spoke, ringing in my ears The words, I love you, I love you, I love you I still see the grim dew on the old worn down window pain I step back inside and let the warmth overtakes me. Read more →

Dune is a science fiction book written by Frank Herbert, first copyrighted in 1965. Dune takes place on the harsh desert planet of Arrakis, where there are giant sand worms, which grow to be over 400 meters long, and the planet is so dry, that people must wear water recycling suits to keep moisture. The planet is also filled with valuable spice worth a fortune to those who mine it. Competing for the planet's resources, are the evil Harkonnens and the noble Atreides, great houses in the imperium. The main themes of the book are religion, power, and nature. In Dune, religion and power are closely related, and whoever can exploit or control religion, will have power. Also, all men are at the will of the elements of Arrakis, whether it be the brutal sand storms that can tear flesh from bone and pound bone to dust, or the absolute dryness that requires people to wear water recycling Still suits. The story is told in the third person by an omniscient narrator. The focus of the story is the main character, Paul Atreides, and his struggle to gain back the planet Arrakis, and to stop the looming jihad. This book is a science fiction space opera, as well as a story of power and struggle. It is not just a book about struggle between people, but also against the planet Arrakis. The author keeps you interested with the vastness of his science fiction universe, the political intrigue, and the perils... Read more →

An Exploration into The Call of The Wild Those days which are the hardest are the most impactful Life is ride of ups and downs on the biggest rollercoaster, happiness, then sadness, luck, then misfortune everyone will experience this ride, and so did I. While reading The Call of the Wild, my emotions were up and down as dogs died and people stole. And all the while Buck’s ride was wild too. As I read this book Jack London painted a perfect adventure fiction book that really made me invested into this book. In this story Jack London is try to explain how life can lead you into unexpected places, and sometimes if you embrace them you will be in a better place. London wielded Buck as a swordsman uses a sword, or a blacksmith his hammer. He used Buck to give parallel to the human world from the dog world, because of their natural instinct. London wrote this because he wanted someone like me to be moved to embrace the future rather than resist and regret the past. Buck was horrified when he was taken away from his home and was so depressed and deprived. His pride and body were dragged through the mud and spit out in Alaska, in the cold north. As mankind went feverishly mad over the yellow rocks that could be found there and would bring fortune, dogs where needed to pull sleds to facilitate them. Mans greed made so many dogs be stolen or... Read more →

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody” ~Steven Chbosky Six years have gone by since I met him last. The same kid who knew how to do the bare minimum and come out like all the others. If these last six years had not happened, I would still be that kid. Fenn taught me to work. I had never worked as hard as the last six years. Fenn shaped me into the kid I am now. The one who tries to succeed, and puts effort into his work. My 4th and 5th grade teachers knew exactly what kind of kid I was when I arrived to Fenn, and they knew how to ‘fix’ me. If the is anything I can say thank you to at Fenn, it would be to my teachers and advisors, because I could still be that system-cheating kid. I go against Thoreau in this sense, because I have heard helpful advice from my elders. I began only getting ME’s (meets expectations) and never SS’s (shows strength), because I did not try. I saw no point in trying. Then because my parents gave me a little ‘incentive’ to try harder, I followed my teacher’s directions. One trimester later, I receive a high honors card and one hundred dollars richer (my parents ‘incentive’). The high honors card was something to be proud of; it made me want another just like it. Letter grades shot that dream out of the sky. It wasn’t until 8th grade... Read more →

Nate Winneg: Change

“The wind blows, and things change forever.” [Anonymous] Change Change is not inevitable. As I looked out at the crowd that day, halfway through my recitation of the Pearl Harbor speech by President Roosevelt, I felt like my insides were on fire. To use the common metaphor, I felt that the butterflies in my stomach were fed up of being inside me and were frantically smashing against the walls of my abdomen. I had frozen. I could barely hear, however, I could hear just enough to recognize Gavin Black struggle to give me the next line of the speech. I suppose he had such faith that I would do well that he felt he would not need to give me my line. How wrong he was. Before that moment, no one knew how afraid I was of public speaking. But, now it was information that was privilege to all who sat in that crowd. As I look back on that day, I can laugh at myself. However, in the back of my mind, there will always be, burned there, the memory of being scared to death of the crowd. But, that day was only the beginning. The next few years I did the in class version of that speaking contest, and this year, I had the opportunity to do a senior reflection. Preparing for it brought back memories of that day that I froze. But this time I was determined to do better. When I stood in front of the... Read more →

Jake Goorno: Kite Runner

Jake Goorno Fitz- Freshman English Final Exam 5/13 Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you. -Sarah Dessen The Past Eventually, we must abandon the past. In the book, The Kite Runner, the main character, Amir, is often haunted by his decisions from the past. The past is a scary thing for Amir, but it’s behind him now, and although time has not stopped, Amir finds it difficult to move on. To him, the past is a plague; it is the only thing keeping him from happiness. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Amir was forced to flee the country. Amir, now living in the U.S, has been separated from his early life. He has lost touch with many of his Afghan connections, and slowly, against his will, he is becoming Americanized. Amir receives a call from an old friend, Rahim Kahn, and as Amir stands in the kitchen of his San Francisco home, receiver in ear, he listens to the words of his dying friend. He knows that it is not just Rahim Kahn speaking; it is Amir’s past of unatoned sins. It’s wrong what they say about the past, I’ve learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out. [Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner] For years, Amir avoided confrontations with his history, but never was he able to elude his conscience. When Amir returned to say goodbye to his fading friend, he learns the truth of his past.... Read more →

Andrew Najda: Banged Up Red Sox Make Roster Moves

Today was an active day for the Red Sox to say the least as they made a number of important moves including sending two important starters to the DL. The Red Sox who have cooled off after their red hot start (pun intended) are facing some serious injury problems as today they placed both Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino on the disabled list. Yesterday Middlebrooks left the game with a lower back strain, while Victorino didn’t play for his third straight game as he is nursing his hamstring. With these two starters being moved to the disabled list his made room for the Red Sox to call up Alfredo Aceves and Jose Iglesias. The Aceves call up seemed necessary as bull pen relief has been hard to come by especially when started Ryan Dempster only lasted 3 innings last night in a 12-3 blowout loss. The more interesting call up for me is Jose Iglesias the so called “shortstop of the future”. The interesting thing about Jose Iglesias is that since the Middlebrooks injury he will actually be playing 3rd base something that he is not accustomed to. Iglesias though is probably the best young fielder the Red Sox have, though there are still questions about his batting ability. Iglesias had great success earlier in the season when filling in for Stephen Drew when he went 9-20 over 6 games that he started in. Though after that major league stint he seemed to cool off hitting in the 200’s for... Read more →