Dillon Cronin: Video of the Week: "Restless"

UBC Freeride is a group of skiers and snowboarders from the University of British Columbia that has been producing ski films for the past year. The crew first caught my attention in February with their “Study Break” series. UBC has a diverse style of skiing and can ski at an outstandingly high level of park and also rank with the top big mountain skiers in the sport. They have been a sensation amongst skiers on the internet and will be sure to make a name for themselves within the next few years. UBC heads up to their local mountain of Whistler every weekend and ski the entire mountain from park to the furthest backcountry. This video was entered into a competition, it was shot and edited throughout the course of seven days. The video was shot on location at Whistler, BC. “Restless” took the first place prize in the competition as it was well deserved for both the excellent skiing and editing. UBC displays an amazing amount of talent in their skiing, as they are versatile skiers that know the true essence of skiing. UBC will be sure to make a name for themselves within the next few years. They have been absolute hits on newschoolers (a skiing website) and already have a good amount of sponsors to get their name out there. They have an incredible amount of talent and know how to make a hell of a good video, which they never fail to do. Read more →

E.J. Fitzsimmons: The Catch of a Lifetime

A few years ago when I was around 12, I caught the fish of a lifetime. I was sitting on a rock on the edge of the pond at my camp, Windsor Mountain, for about an hour casting out into a pane of glass. There was not a cloud in the sky and it also seemed like there weren’t any fish in the pond either. I was using my rod and reel and my brother and my Dad were off to the side on a little barge that was docked along the shore. They had been out there with me for the whole time and neither of them had even gotten a bite so I decided to head up for dinner. As I was heading back to the dining hall to get myself a slice of pizza for dinner, I thought twice and decided to stay for a little bit longer. I don't know if this was God sending a message down to me or not, but it was one of the best decisions that I had ever made. My brother's rod was a two dollar rod that my dad bought for him and it had brand new line on it. I decided to try it out but the first few casts didn't work out too well. As I was getting tired, I spaced out and let the line drop to the dark depths of the lake. I tried to reel in the line but it was too late –... Read more →

Teddy McCluskey: Darkness

I am heading towards a tunnel of darkness All I have is my strength and I I walk slowly towards the never ending tunnel Darkness covers the cave and its surroundings Outside there is light and pure life but not in the cave I stand behind an object blocking me from getting into the cave I look around and notice the huge rock in my way is moveable I move towards the side of the dark cave and start to push The rock slides easily across the thick cold sand in the dark I see small pebbles and black dots all over the sand The sand has a look to it that makes it seem too dark to be real I stand and look forward not knowing what’s in front of me as I enter The air is cold and I feel the temperature drop even more I remember my reason for entrance and keep moving I decide to crawl to give myself a better feel for what’s ahead I feel the ground getting harder then soft again I wonder what it is but I can’t find that out I notice a sound coming from the other side of the dark cave It’s the sound of dropping water on a rock I pull myself towards it and find that there’s a mini puddle in that area I feel the water give me energy to continue without even drinking it I wonder what makes this area so strange All of a... Read more →

You can never have too many memories. In my young life of 15 years I have traveled all across North America and some places in Europe. I have traveled to many places that most people will not ever get to go. But In March, I went on a trip that was my favorite. My family and I visited one of my family friends who is living halfway across the world in Dubai. If you don't know, Dubai is one of the richest and most modern cities in the world. The streets are lined with skyscrapers that have all been built in the last four decades. Dubai is an architect's paradise. I was truly amazed by the grand scale of everything in the city and architecture of some of the buildings. Dubai also has the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 meters tall (2,717 feet). When I was in Dubai my family and I went up to the top with our family friend. I had been up to the top of tall buildings before such as the Empire State Building, but never in my life have I had as good a view of anything as I did at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Being so high up I got to see all of Dubai's modern architecture, have a great view of the ocean, and reflect a little on what was happening. It felt amazing to be on the top of the tallest building in... Read more →

Nate Winneg: Truth

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth.” [Spock in Star Trek] Truth The truth will always be found. In the recent movie Star Trek, an impossible circumstance becomes realized. It is important to consider all options when looking for the truth. There is a space ship that seems out of the ordinary. It seems to be somehow from the future by the looks of it. But that is impossible. However one of the characters, Spock, realizes something when he says, “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth.” [Spock in Star Trek] In school, children are always taught to think outside the box. It is a common saying that refers to attempting to come up with a solution to the problem that is different or original, and that solves the problem in a different way. This skill is exactly what Spock is demonstrating in this part of the movie. Because Spock is able to think outside the box and realize that the impossible may be possible, he and his colleagues are able to devise a plan to fight and ultimately destroy these enemies from the future. Thinking outside the box is a skill that all people need. It is almost synonymous with ingenuity and originality, skills that we all wish to possess. If you can learn to think outside the box, you will be better equipped to solve any problem. Read more →

Gavin Black: Vermont at its Finest

When the trees change color, Vermont is at its best. The foliage is seen through the mountains and in valleys, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. My father had his old friend from college up to our Vermont house, it was him, his wife, and his two sons, Fritz and Clayton. Not to pick favorites but Fritz is cooler (not just because Fritz sounds like Fitz). Clayton is kind of a wuss so I did not connect with him well, but Fritz would love full contact things like football while Clayton would build card pyramids. Bruce, their father, was also a cool guy. Today we went golfing and I played my first full 18 holes of golf, I scored a 105 which sucks. The back nine is a lot prettier and easier than the front nine, so obviously I liked the back nine better. The view of the mountains from both the course and my house were extraordinary; it was beautiful. The clouds and the peaks of the mountains were clearly reflected off of our pond, which only added to the already breath-taking view. I love going to Vermont, but too much gets boring. I'm going up again this weekend with Dillon Cronin, and Max Cantara. With the new guest house built, we're just going to play NHL 09 all night and go cliff diving. Jumping in the frosty, cold pond off of the sun bleached paddle board, rocking the others off of it is... Read more →

Andrew Najda: Daft Punk

Ever since a few years ago when my friends randomly played hits from Daft Punks best album Discovery I fell in love, with the sound, with the lyrics, with the feel. I have for years now respected and loved their music listening to all of their songs countless times. It has been about 8 years since Daft Punk has released an album there latest being Human after all. Human after all was good in my point of view, but couldn’t compare to the feeling that I retained when listening to any song on Discovery. Being the big Daft Punk fan I am You can imagine that I was ecstatic when I found out that they were going to release another album, although I was ecstatic I was still skeptical on simply if I would like it or not. When they released their hit single “Get Lucky” I wasn’t sure what to think. Get lucky was good with the vocals of Pharrell Williams but Daft Punks original sound seemed to take a back seat to the vocals. When the album started streaming on ITunes I was almost nervous to listen, hoping that the album was everything that I had been hoping for, and that has been for the most part what the result has been for me. I can safely say having listened to every track on the album, that all the songs in my opinion are really good. That’s how Daft Punk has always been consistent, in the day and... Read more →

Andrew Najda: Breaking down the Patriots Top 3 Draft Picks

When draft day rolls around in the NFL there are always a few teams that everyone has their eyes on, the New England Patriots always make things interesting on draft day, and this year was no exception. The Pats took a wide variety of players some seem like steals, while others make fans scratch their heads. Obviously no clear predictions on what kind of career each of these players will have can be made. Though, I will try my best to explain to you my point of view of the top 3 Patriots 2013 draft picks. Jamie Collins, LB, Southern Miss (2nd Round, No. 52) Jamie Collins out of Southern Miss is what I believe to be one of the better picks in this year’s draft for the Pats. Jamie is athletic to say the least his 4.64, 40 yard dash was quite impressive for an inside linebacker with his physical skillset. One reason that I believe he is going to be a great fit for the Patriots is his ability to be versatile, during college he started at 3 different positions and seems to be a player that Pats will be able to move around in the future. Collins to me has a big upside although right now he doesn’t have much experience obviously being a rookie. I believe he could add to the already punishing Patriots line backing core of Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo. It is clear that the Patriots also need help with their pass rush... Read more →

Connor McAvoy: What I Want to be When I Grow Up

When you are a kid everyone asks you the same question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never had an answer. When I was a kid I always remember getting up really early when I was sick, and I got sick a lot, and I would see my dad leaving the house at 5 every mourning and I would think to myself I really don't want to have to do that. People would Always ask me that question and when I said I didn't know they would ask me had I would make any money and my response to that was I don't need any money. Now As I grow Up I realize money is kind of important, but I still don't really care that much. I always knew all of my friends would have an answer to that question and I could never figure out how they would know what they wanted to do. I always would say "I don't think I want to have a job, I just want to travel around the world," no one every seemed to accept the fact that I saw getting a real job was something I never really wanted to do and still don't want to do. Almost no one working can say they are truly happy getting up every morning and got to work. Some people seem to like working but I have always perceived having a job as something I never ever want to do.... Read more →