Andrew Najda: The State of the Boston Celtics

After being bounced early in the first round of the playoffs this years, many questions are starting to rise about the Celtics who although have 14/15 players still under contract from last year are facing questions about what the team will look like going forward. The aging superstars Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce are at the center of the discussion. If the Celtics choose to bring Pierce back next year at $ 15.3 million it looks likely that Garnet would stay with the Celtics for another years instead of retiring. If Pierce is traded though most likely on draft day this could cause a real shake up for the Celtics roster, which could lose both Pierce and Garnet. Garnet has basically already said that he doesn’t want his final year in the NBA to be a rebuilding year like the next one could possibly be if the Celtics trade Pierce. I would expect that if Pierce moves on from the Boston Celtics Garnett will not be too far behind. One positive for the Celtics is stability at their head coaching position with Doc Rivers who seems to be the Celtics coach for the long haul after his 5 years, $35 million dollar contract after the 2011 season. Another possible concern for the Celtics will be the health of Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger who both are looking to come back healthy for the Celtics in 2013. Sullinger showed flashes of brilliance last year before getting injured and could very well... Read more →

Josh Cabral:My Fenn Career

4th grade. Didn’t know what to expect I knew no one. I was alone. I was shy. I was afraid. 5th grade. Better. I made new friends. I felt accepted I was more outgoing I was feeling the Fenn love. 6th grade. Not my best year. I was slacking. I wasn't working hard. I wasn’t serious. 7th grade. Nothing changed. I was Immature. I took Fenn for granted I struggled. 8th grade. An amazing year I had great friends. I had fun times. I had the best times. I started to realize I needed to work I needed to work hard. 9th grade. Best year of my life. I am working hard. I have great friends. I have great teachers. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. Now that I look back, On all my years of Fenn, I can see that I’ve grown. I’ve grown into a hard worker, A good friend, A young adult. I started out as a shy little 10 year old. Now, 5 years later, I’m leaving here. As and outgoing, Funny, Friendly, And hardworking young man. The young man Fenn raised me to be. Read more →

Marcus Mazzotti: Parties in Spanish

As my time at Fenn draws to close, I know I will miss my time in Spanish class for the past few years. This entry, however, isn’t going to be an entry about how I will miss my class. This is to talk about the parties that we’ve been having in Spanish over the last week. As the spring term began, my teacher, Mrs. Hernandez-Skayne, started being a little tougher on our class. Needless to say, the class had its challenges, but everyone got through them. As a reward, Mrs. Skayne offered us a party in Spanish as long as we provided the food. The party happened last Wednesday. Everyone was assigned some food, but not everyone brought in the food or drink that they said they would. As a result, whoever forgot to bring in food on Wednesday brought in their shares for Thursday. The food brought in let us to have another party in class, making two in a week. Despite both chances to bring in food however, someone still forgot, and they brought soda in on our next class the following Monday. Then on Tuesday, it was a student’s birthday, and Mrs. Skayne doesn’t let a birthday go un-celebrated in her class. She promised to bring in a chocolate cake and apple juice. In preparation for the soon-to-be fourth party on Wednesday, soda was provided by a student. To the class’s disappointment though, Mrs. Skayne wasn’t able to get the cake and juice the before the fourth... Read more →

Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats Last March break I got the opportunity to head out to Steamboat, Colorado to go skiing with my dad and brother. Snow was scarce and it was late season, so my dad decided to schedule some cat skiing in the backcountry with Steamboat Powdercats. We got about a foot of snow in the backcountry making the trip a great time and giving us fresh snow for the whole week. We got a chance to ski with their photographer and get some sweet shots. The experience was great, spending time in the backcountry with my dad and some amazing guides. Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats My favorite person to ski with, my dad. It’s pretty rare that my dad and I get to ski together because I’m always off skiing with some friends or competing, but it’s nice to get these types of trips where my dad and I can ski together. My dad’s been there for me since day one, holding me steady as I skied down the bunny hill, and he kept me on skis, even when I absolutely despised the cold weather, and that’s the best gift you could ever give to me. So it’s a great opportunity to ski with my mentor and the person who gave me the gift of skiing. Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats Rounding a pretty tight corner on this one. I came into an area of trees with... Read more →

Gordon Hargraves: The 2013 Talent Show

Today was the talent show at Fenn. The talent show is run and organized by the student government and the MCs were the President and Vice President, James Sanderson and I. I was skeptical if the talent show was going to be good because I had only announced it a week earlier and unlike other talent shows we did not hold auditions. The one thing that I was happy about was the fact that there were only two piano performances. Don’t get me wrong, I think that piano performances are great, but in previous years most of the show has been piano performances and they get very boring. This year with only two they were not boring and both pieces were very good. I was also happy with the range of pieces we got this year. For example there was a guitar solo, an acapella group, a skit, and a small band. I have to give the small band recognition because I thought that they were so good. They played the songs Chameleon and The Final Countdown, all the melodies played with a trumpet which I thought sounded great. I really enjoyed this talent show because I was MCing it and I also got to perform in it. Dillon Cronin, Gavin Black and I did a rap called Straight Outta Mordor from the TV show Workaholics. What made this rap different was that it was a wizard rap meaning that we all dressed as wizards and rapped about wizardry. It... Read more →

Responsibility as it Pertains to Leadership

“The man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword.” [Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones] Responsibility and Leadership The repercussion of the decision, should fall on the decision maker. In the very first episode of the television show Game of Thrones, One of the main characters of the first season teaches his son about responsibility. When one person rules over another, the person who makes a decision about he whom he rules over, must take responsibility for the decision. There is a man who is part of a society of knights called the knights watch. These people protect the 7 kingdoms from the wild people and things beyond the massive wall that divides the northern lands and the southern ones. A man has deserted this society and the penalty for that is death by beheading. Eddard Stark, the lord of Winterfell which is the land where the wall and the Knights Watch is, makes the decision that the man will be sentenced to death. He beheads the man, and afterward, he walks over to his 12 year old son to explain why he himself had to kill the man. He says, “The man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword.” [Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones] When Eddard Stark explains this, we must understand that this is a relatively extreme example of a concept that is present in the lives of many. Eddard, also known as Ned, must be the one to “Swing the sword,” because he is... Read more →

Many are curious about how twenty people with totally different personalities and interests can spend three weeks together in one house. The answer is that we have fun trying new things together. Over time, I've realized that these people have molded me in surprising ways. In the Adirondacks, I have discovered parts of myself that I would not have discovered anywhere else. Through my relationships with musicians, athletes, scholars, painters and veterans, I try new activities and spend a lot of time talking to people who have different experiences and opinions. At Fenn, people think of me as a jock, but when I'm in the Adirondacks, I play music, make pasta and act in videos. These activities are parts of my favorite memories. I remember one band performance on a hot summer night that got the whole house in motion. The performance room was dimly lit and everyone was packed into the doorway listening to our guitar chords bursting out of black amplifiers. My uncles were stomping and dancing to the beat, and my grandmother and grandfather were clapping to the loud song. The scene was both funny and wild. A quiet activity that absorbs all the generations at different times of the day and night is chess. We have many chess players there, but my favorite competitor is my Grandfather whose strategy is patience. Gampop studies the black and white pieces thoughtfully, using time as a psychological tactic to beat me. Through many matches, he has taught me how... Read more →

The elixir of life Is finally renewed. Its liquid percolates through Every vine, bud and tree stump, Refreshing all of nature’s canals. An infant's precious cry Echoes off the leaf-green walls Surrounding its rickety hospital crib. The first of many: Either cries of joy or fiery anger. Flowers that surrendered To the ferocious winter Are permitted a new beginning. The lone daffodil lunges upwards, Blasting through the frozen dirt With its newly acquired jackhammer, Grain after grain, It is engulfed in the suns massive reign. A peasant in a universal kingdom. Blue birds and blood-red cardinals Stain the sky, As heaven’s gates are unlocked, Releasing paradise’s alluring, inviting fluid. It’s a season that may not last forever, But it lasts long enough to cleanse all. Spring. Read more →

Jake Goorno: A Mother's Love

A mother’s love The spring of eternal love That brightens our lives A mother’s dreams To see her children grow And know she made a difference A mother’s arms So welcoming, so warm The only constant shelter A mother’s smile Inspirational and encouraging The best feeling in the world A mother’s work Unrecognized and unfinished But ever present and important We may not always show our gratitude But we forever treasure your love and care Read more →

Happy Mother's Day!

Everyone else walks away, yet she stays. To lead me and to make sure that I am fine She is always willing to clear the haze Just another way she that helps me shine Support is always felt when I see her, Yet she can be harsh, but for a reason. And I know that she's not just a driver. She loves me no matter what the season. She is always is the first to get going For when the times get tough, she perseveres, Never the first to give up or give in It kills me to see her face filled with tears Good mothers are ones who give up their time, But the great mothers are ones just like mine Read more →