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Andrew Najda: Banged Up Red Sox Make Roster Moves

Today was an active day for the Red Sox to say the least as they made a number of important moves including sending two important starters to the DL. The Red Sox who have cooled off after their red hot start (pun intended) are facing some serious injury problems as today they placed both Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino on the disabled list. Yesterday Middlebrooks left the game with a lower back strain, while Victorino didn’t play for his third straight game as he is nursing his hamstring. With these two starters being moved to the disabled list his made room for the Red Sox to call up Alfredo Aceves and Jose Iglesias. The Aceves call up seemed necessary as bull pen relief has been hard to come by especially when started Ryan Dempster only lasted 3 innings last night in a 12-3 blowout loss. The more interesting call up for me is Jose Iglesias the so called “shortstop of the future”. The interesting thing about Jose Iglesias is that since the Middlebrooks injury he will actually be playing 3rd base something that he is not accustomed to. Iglesias though is probably the best young fielder the Red Sox have, though there are still questions about his batting ability. Iglesias had great success earlier in the season when filling in for Stephen Drew when he went 9-20 over 6 games that he started in. Though after that major league stint he seemed to cool off hitting in the 200’s for... Read more →

E.J. Fitzsimmons: The Catch of a Lifetime

A few years ago when I was around 12, I caught the fish of a lifetime. I was sitting on a rock on the edge of the pond at my camp, Windsor Mountain, for about an hour casting out into a pane of glass. There was not a cloud in the sky and it also seemed like there weren’t any fish in the pond either. I was using my rod and reel and my brother and my Dad were off to the side on a little barge that was docked along the shore. They had been out there with me for the whole time and neither of them had even gotten a bite so I decided to head up for dinner. As I was heading back to the dining hall to get myself a slice of pizza for dinner, I thought twice and decided to stay for a little bit longer. I don't know if this was God sending a message down to me or not, but it was one of the best decisions that I had ever made. My brother's rod was a two dollar rod that my dad bought for him and it had brand new line on it. I decided to try it out but the first few casts didn't work out too well. As I was getting tired, I spaced out and let the line drop to the dark depths of the lake. I tried to reel in the line but it was too late –... Read more →

Andrew Najda: Breaking down the Patriots Top 3 Draft Picks

When draft day rolls around in the NFL there are always a few teams that everyone has their eyes on, the New England Patriots always make things interesting on draft day, and this year was no exception. The Pats took a wide variety of players some seem like steals, while others make fans scratch their heads. Obviously no clear predictions on what kind of career each of these players will have can be made. Though, I will try my best to explain to you my point of view of the top 3 Patriots 2013 draft picks. Jamie Collins, LB, Southern Miss (2nd Round, No. 52) Jamie Collins out of Southern Miss is what I believe to be one of the better picks in this year’s draft for the Pats. Jamie is athletic to say the least his 4.64, 40 yard dash was quite impressive for an inside linebacker with his physical skillset. One reason that I believe he is going to be a great fit for the Patriots is his ability to be versatile, during college he started at 3 different positions and seems to be a player that Pats will be able to move around in the future. Collins to me has a big upside although right now he doesn’t have much experience obviously being a rookie. I believe he could add to the already punishing Patriots line backing core of Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo. It is clear that the Patriots also need help with their pass rush... Read more →

Andrew Najda: The State of the Boston Celtics

After being bounced early in the first round of the playoffs this years, many questions are starting to rise about the Celtics who although have 14/15 players still under contract from last year are facing questions about what the team will look like going forward. The aging superstars Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce are at the center of the discussion. If the Celtics choose to bring Pierce back next year at $ 15.3 million it looks likely that Garnet would stay with the Celtics for another years instead of retiring. If Pierce is traded though most likely on draft day this could cause a real shake up for the Celtics roster, which could lose both Pierce and Garnet. Garnet has basically already said that he doesn’t want his final year in the NBA to be a rebuilding year like the next one could possibly be if the Celtics trade Pierce. I would expect that if Pierce moves on from the Boston Celtics Garnett will not be too far behind. One positive for the Celtics is stability at their head coaching position with Doc Rivers who seems to be the Celtics coach for the long haul after his 5 years, $35 million dollar contract after the 2011 season. Another possible concern for the Celtics will be the health of Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger who both are looking to come back healthy for the Celtics in 2013. Sullinger showed flashes of brilliance last year before getting injured and could very well... Read more →

Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats Last March break I got the opportunity to head out to Steamboat, Colorado to go skiing with my dad and brother. Snow was scarce and it was late season, so my dad decided to schedule some cat skiing in the backcountry with Steamboat Powdercats. We got about a foot of snow in the backcountry making the trip a great time and giving us fresh snow for the whole week. We got a chance to ski with their photographer and get some sweet shots. The experience was great, spending time in the backcountry with my dad and some amazing guides. Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats My favorite person to ski with, my dad. It’s pretty rare that my dad and I get to ski together because I’m always off skiing with some friends or competing, but it’s nice to get these types of trips where my dad and I can ski together. My dad’s been there for me since day one, holding me steady as I skied down the bunny hill, and he kept me on skis, even when I absolutely despised the cold weather, and that’s the best gift you could ever give to me. So it’s a great opportunity to ski with my mentor and the person who gave me the gift of skiing. Location: Buffalo Pass, CO Photo: Steamboat Powder Cats Rounding a pretty tight corner on this one. I came into an area of trees with... Read more →

Just yesterday, my dad and I hit the river to go fishing. It is pretty early season, so we weren't expecting to catch fish, let alone big ones. We were assuming that the only fish in the river this early in the season were small fish, but we were very surprised. On my first cast, I hooked up with something large. As I felt the pressure of this fish, I knew our prediction was wrong, first off there are fish around, and second of all, they aren’t small. My rod was doubled over and the drag was screaming as this fish stole line from my reel. I battled this fish for a few minutes until I brought it to the shore and pulled it up on the marsh. I was pleasantly surprised at how fat he was. We placed the fish on the ground and he measured at approximately 29 inches. The legal limit is 28 inches, so he was barely over the keeper size. My dad didn’t hook up, but he did feel a hit about ten minutes later, so the fish were still there. We kept fishing and said we would go for one more keeper. About 15 minutes later, “Whoooosh,”a large striped bass took my shad lure at the surface and took off in the opposite direction. Once again, I knew this wasn’t a small fish, and I knew it was going to be a battle. I fought this fish for a few more minutes before hauling... Read more →

Here is a picture of my Dad sailing his boat next to a lighthouse. My summers can get pretty crazy, but they are very relaxed at the same time. I go to a summer camp called Windsor Mountain for most of the summer, but in the time that I have when I’m not at camp, I love going to visit my grandparents in Cape Cod. There is so much to do in Cape Cod, and my personal favorite is going to the beach. Over the years in Cape Cod I have learned how to surf (not very well (: ), body surf, and build the ultimate sand castle with my Uncle, but my favorite of them all is sailing. I started sailing with my dad a while ago, but I only really started learning how to sail 3-4 years ago. Sailing is by far my favorite activity to do in the summer because it is so relaxing. My dad’s boat is a Black Skimmer and it is a lot different from most boats out on the water. The boat is around 25 feet long and only draws about 8 inches of water, so we can sail it almost anywhere, even over the sandbars. When I am on the boat with my family, we like to sail around in about a foot of water and jump out to go and explore. Another aspect of the boat that is different is that it doesn’t use a centerboard; instead it uses two leeboards.... Read more →

Monday April 29, 2013 was a big day in the Professional Sports world, and in the entire country of America. Jason Collins, an active NBA player, became the first active player in professional sports to announce that he is gay. It is a great to know that now a major part of society is becoming more accepting of sexual identity. Professional sports has never been great at accepting differences dating back to the Jackie Robinson era. Throughout the week Collins has gotten a ton of support from the NBA, and even some players in other major American sports. Back when my dad was growing up in the 1960's and 70's being gay was so frowned upon by society that no one even considered ever talking about it. Today our country has progressed to be more tolerant of race, religion, sexual identity, and other minority qualities. There are no colored fountains and no colored bathrooms anymore. Everyone is allowed to use the same facilities. America has changed as a country in so many ways to give all citizens the same treatment and rights. At Fenn we celebrate and cultivate diversity. We have an entire day in April called the Cultural Arts Festival where the entire student body of Fenn participates in different workshops to celebrate different cultures of the world. There is also a diversity committee that meets once a week to talk about different cultures and equal rights for all. I have always been a believer that everybody should be... Read more →