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Dillon Cronin: Built By the Skiers for the Skiers~ Stept. Productions

The company was started in 2002 when Nick Martini tore his ACL. Nick, always being a skier had no idea to do with his season. To make the most of the situation he went out, bought a camera, and started filming with his brother, Alex. The company started with the idea of a bunch of friends going out skiing and filming at the same time, nobody specialized in filming and was unable ski and vice versa, they were all able to just go out there and mess around showing us all what skiing is all about; going out there with a couple of buddies getting creative and having a great time. This year with their film "The Eighty Six" winning best jib for it's urban segments which are the best in the business. STEPT. will be sure to impress us once again this year while working on its diversity with some more powder segments. Read more →

Dillon Cronin: The Essence of Skiing

As the new generation of skiers brings up more and more athletes in the park and pipe spectrum of the sport it becomes more important than ever to not forget the true essence of skiing. Skiing is meant to be skied on real snow on real mountains the true essence of skiing is to find a line, and scare yourself take risks, because that's what it's all about. Once you drop in and take that first turn the run starts piecing together, and in the end skiing away from a big line is the ultimate pleasure, nothing better than looking back at a big cliff and knowing that you have skied away from it. Not that I have anything against park skiing and this whole new revolution of skiing, because it is the majority of what I do, but I hope that we don't forget about the powder and the real big mountain skiing. A well rounded skier is one that earns all of my respect, somebody who can conquer big lines, huck off of huge cliffs, yet they can take that all to the park and compete at an extremely high level of park skiing. One trend I have noticed in modern skiers is that they enter the sport as on the park end of the spectrum and as they grow older they find the powder and move to the backcountry where they end their career. Skiers like Dane Tudor, Richard Permin, and Tanner Hall are the true representation... Read more →

Reid Shilling: Striped Bass Fishing Season

In the next few weeks, a very exciting time will come upon me. As a Massachusetts fisherman, I am always excited about catching the elusive striped bass. This fish, also known as a "linesider," travels along the bottom water column, for the most part, munching on eels, sand worms, crabs, lobsters, and anything else that fancies itself. My dad and I approach this time of fishing with many methods. We have ways for fishing each column of water. It takes many trips to fully understand where the fish are roaming, but once you figure it out, your lines are going to be tight. As my dad and I walk down to the boat at 4:30 in the morning (we have to be on the water for first light), we get the motor going and visit our favorite spot, Bayberry. Bayberry is a spot where many surf-cast fisherman visit. Surf-casting is where one has a very long, 10 foot, fishing pole and they wade into the surf and throw their line as far as they can. We have figured out that these fisherman can't reach all of the fish. My dad and I deploy many methods. Method 1: We will troll across an area with good bottom structure and jig a wire line with a large jig head tipped off with a squid. Method 2: Anchor up and drop eels and let them swim free around any water column. Method 3: Anchor up and jig smaller jig heads on the bottom.... Read more →

By: James Sanderson: Ending on the Upper Hand

Spring is here, the smell of the clean cut grass, the lines being painted. With spring, comes one of the greatest rivalries: CC vs. LS. This is one of the oldest rivalries in our grade. With this rivalry brings blood, sweat, tears. Egos have been crushed, lives have been ruined, and lacrosse careers have been destroyed. It is mostly talk little play, but the talking gets personal and intense. CC and LS have only met twice. The first meeting was a one sided game and LS won 18-1, but Fenn's own Will Robertson scored that one goal. LS got cocky and started bragging about how good they were and how bad CC was. A year went by and it was time for another meeting of the rivals. This one was a little different through. In a hard fought battle on a cool, foggy day CC ended up victorious winning 8-4. We went out thinking that the jersey we wore prevented us from lossing. Last year these to rival met again with their blood on the line as this would be the last times the will ever meet starring into each other’s eyes that are filled with the fear of losing. LS came in with so much intimidation that I believe that the game was won in those couple of minutes when CC stood watching LS coming in, tilt down music up they never stood a chance. After one of the greatest speeches in lacrosse’s history and the tearing of a... Read more →

Nate Winneg: Success is Earned

My feet rub against the rough rug of the floor. I can feel the springs underneath it. I sit, one leg straight, and the other foot resting on my knee. I stretch my ankles. I have to be sure that they are loose and ready for the upcoming meet. I move to my hands and knees. My entire weight on my wrists, loosening them up. Two of the most important joints in gymnastics, ankles and wrists, are now loose. Now I can begin the duration of my stretch. As I begin to stretch my shoulders, yet another vital muscle in gymnastics, my coach sits down next to my teammate and I. A 35 year old man who looks like he has far too much enthusiasm for 7:00 am on a saturday. He starts to speak but I don’t hear him. My mind is in my stretching and what he has to say surely can’t be important enough to interrupt that. Just in case however, I begin to listen. He is almost done with his pep talk when he says, “All you have to do is reach out and take it.” The meet is half over, and I haven’t made a major mistake yet. After each event, one phrase has resonated in my mind. It is everlasting and eternal. The single track, replaying, over and over throughout the depths of my conscious and subconscious mind. “Reach out and take it.” There are about forty gymnasts competing, and in order to reach... Read more →

A Personal Experience of Diversity- Will Robertson

Growing up in Concord MA is not experiencing the most "diverse" community. In Concord you could say that I almost live in a "bubble" metaphorically speaking. Over the Summer I signed a contract to play for a Junior "A" hockey team called the New England Stars. I had never played for a Junior team before so I was really excited to play. The team takes players from all over the country and playing with them has made me realize that these kids never had the opportunities that I did. These kids grew up in rough environments. I have kids on my team doing on line schooling who are from Canada and Russia. At first I thought "oh no!" but then, I realized that these kids were some of the most thoughtful kids I have ever been with. Some of them could barely pay to play for this team and they cherished every moment playing for them. All these kids are exceptional hockey players. I have never felt a brotherhood like this before, as a '97 these kids have taken me under their wing, whenever I get hit cheaply they will go after the player who did it. At the beginning of the year I was nervous to talk with them but now I see that down under their toughness they are just kids themselves. I sometimes probably took some things for granted but now in life I have changed my way of doing things, I realize that these kids didn't... Read more →

Nate Winneg: The Maccabiah Games

The weekend of December 1st, 2012, I was in Norman, Oklahoma for the trials for the United States junior team that will be competing in Israel this coming summer. When my plane landed on Friday the 30th, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I knew what the program was but I knew nothing about the other athletes. I only knew that I would be competing against people whose ages ranged from freshmen in high school to senior in high school for 6 spots. There were twelve of us in total. This meant that the odds of making the team were stacked against me. I would be competing against older, more experienced, and most likely better, gymnasts. My thoughts were confirmed when I went to the gym for a workout the day before the meet. The night before the meet was somewhat entertaining. It being a meet for Jewish people, there was a Jewish service and then we went back to the hotel where most of the gymnasts were staying for a dinner. The dinner was interesting because there were two past Olympians there to talk. Both Bart Conner and Mitch Gaylord, who were on the 1984 Olympic team, were there. Bart was there because the meet was being held at his gym and Mitch was there because he lives in Texas, which isn't very far away and because he competed in the 1981 Maccabiah games. They both gave speeches about gymnastics and the Maccabiah program. After the... Read more →