The importance of support and kindness


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Closest friends are siblings we never receive. My neighbor Cole is the brother I never had.
The old adage that says your closest friends are your family could not ring truer for me. Your closest friends have been through it all with you, through good times and bad. Other than family they're the only constant. Good friends ask to come over, great friends just ring the doorbell.

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Micro Fiction Short Story 7th Grade Project

Through the scope 

Martin Clemont sat atop a German rooftop waiting for the perfect shot. He was more nervous than usual, which was terribly strange for such a man. Martin was the most deadly sniper known to mankind, and the French were lucky enough to draft him at the early age of 12. By 18 Martin could hit 24 targets in less than 10 seconds from 900 yards away. In this particular moment Martin knew that he couldn’t miss the shot or he would die. He didn’t have much time to think about this because Annike Jäger stepped on the stage and took his place on the podium. Through the scope, Martin could see Annike’s notorious cleft lip that always seemed to give him a sly smirk. Martin was about to pull the trigger when Annike started his speech.

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     The Power of Family

7CAD398F-2E11-423D-B4B2-13804021D699“The power of a sibling who knows everything about you, who knows the family you grew up in, who carries half your genes — there's nothing quite like that." —Jeffrey Kluger

    Families don’t break, they change. To say my family changed would be an understatement, but me and my sister had to learn to change with it. Together through the storm of divorce my sister and I stayed afloat, but not by pushing each other away and bottling our emotions but by standing by each other’s side. I thought to be strong for my sister I had to seem emotionless and act like nothing was wrong. That to be her rock I needed to be closed off to my emotions, when in reality I need to be the furthest from that. When dealing with divorce it’s not always the big things that matter. Little things helped my sister and I become even closer throughout my parents' separation. Whether it was saying goodnight and reminding each other how much we loved and cared about one another or watching our favorite show, our bond together grew. It didn’t matter how small these gestures were. It didn’t matter that the pain we experienced from divorce was sometimes too much to handle. It only mattered that we did it together. Being sad is awful, but being sad and lonely is just abject. Time heals, but only if you let it. Months or maybe years from now you take a step back and look from where you came and you’ll realize things are better now. I know I did.


What lies in the box 
Next to the socks
In the untouched attic 
Under the clocks

Where does it come from 
And Who has it seen

Is it old
Or is it gold 
What could this damn box hold?

Stories from the past?
A windy day that fills the mast
A tale of lions grazing grass
Or the old runners shoes that placed him last 

A story of war
A bloody core

A family secret 
A feathered egret

A box for tools 
That’s full of jewels 

A rusty trap
A dirty cap

A boxers glove 
Letters of love 

A pirates peg 
A turkey's leg 

What lies in the box 
Next to the socks
In the untouched attic 
Under the clocks

Windsor Mountain

The Mountain Memoires

Life Lived Fully


“When life shuts a door… Open it again. It’s a door. That’s how they work.”-Alexander Graham Bell


According to Dr. Piers Steel, the #1 reason given for procrastination is fatigue. That's why at 11 oclock on a Sunday evening I lay in my bed staring aimlessly at my ceiling waiting for motivation to get up and pack for our Windsor Mountain trip. Shocker, it didn't come. My attentiveness towards packing had slowly withered away after the many rounds of searching through my basement looking for specific pieces of clothing. I eventually pulled myself together, packed my bag and hopped into bed dreaming of the days to come. I learned a lot about myself in my short days at Windsor Mountain and some valuable life lessons about rest that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Fear shapes us, it was created to keep us safe but now deems unknown things we haven’t tried scary, seize fear by the throat and don’t let it choke you again. Little did I know how much a deep rest would prepare me for the coaster of life that I was about to embark on.

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Exploring Passion

  ~Charlie Hood

Exploring passion

October, 13, 2021

The Beautiful Game

A Beautiful Passion


Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.

~Gary Vaynerchuk

           Passion isn't made, it's discovered. The deep gash from life will beat you down. But under the cuts and bruises lies someone passionate. One so passionate they were willing to take shots blow by blow and get back up again not because they are invincible but because of their love. Passion drives us, passion is what makes me wake up on a Monday morning off and get in the car only to drive an hour and a half just to play the beautiful game.

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