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Power of Place

The Power of Family

Family is my support system

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“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.” — Peter Buffett

Whenever I need it my parents or grandparents always hear me out and I would do the same. I could be mad about anything like grades, siblings being annoying or being stressed but I knew I could talk to my parents. The fact that I can talk to my parents about anything makes me less stressed. My parents want me to talk to them so I will without the worry of saying something bad.  No time where I needed to talk to my parents more was after a long week where each day got worse as the day went on. I had so many tests, some good, some bad, and my exhaustion did not help with that. I walked into my house on a gloomy Friday night and my parents knew something was up. I walked into my room and the tears began running out of my eyes like waterfalls. The next thing I know my parents were in the doorway of my room trying to figure out what is wrong. My mom arms around me so tight, my dad asking me why the week was the worst imaginable. It didn't matter what I did or what happened, my parents and family supported me. The thing is my family, it won't matter who is bad or good this week. My family will try and figure out what's wrong or what they can do. The only thing that mattered to my parents was that I was okay in the end.  Family will always be something to fall back on, and I hope that in the future it will stay that way.


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Thomas Doherty

Great Job on this Jake. Really love how you went into detail about explaining a senecio and explaining lot different experiences.

The Fenn Voice

Even though you are somewhat vague about the experience, you do a wonderful job of capturing the power of family to help you through hard times. Good work on this: it flows with a natural narrative voice that is real and compelling.


I really like your topic sentence because you keep the theme throughout. I think you did a really good job

Zachary Zipoli

It’s great that your parents were so understanding and that is why family is the most powerful thing. I loved the quote choice, it made me know what the piece was going to be before I actually saw it! Great!

Eston brainerd

This essay showed how family can be so powerful, and can be such an important part of your life. You showed the true power of family, in a way that made me think about family and relationships.

Ethan Ali

I liked how much detail you used throughout your paragraph. Your opening was repeatedly hammered over my head in different ways as the paragraph went on. Great Job!

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