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Zachary Zipoli

Your poem on fall where you said the bears gathering seeds and the birds flying away illustrated all of the changes that occur from fall to winter, good job Jake!


Your final poem about the summer resonated with me extremely. When the summer comes to an end we try to find ways to a make it seems as there’s still time before school which you depicted nicely in your haiku. Good job Jake!

Thomas Doherty

Really good just on this joke I liked how you went into detail about describing your haikus. You did a really good job with the baseball one. I tried to make a good baseball one but couldn’t seem to do it but you did a great job with yours. Keep up the great work.


My favorite poem of yours is the summer one about summer break. This is my favorite poem because I love getting out of school for summer break and it is the best feeling knowing that you have two months of no school. Great job on this assignment.


Ok I’m not counting this as a comment because it won’t load for me. All I see is the title and a large white box.

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