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A Letter from Paul

Chapters 6 & 7: Two Conditions of War

War and its aftermath...

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“This is a war to end all wars.”

-Woodrow Wilson

War changes the way soldiers look at life. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, the war has changed the way everyone looks at life, especially the soldiers. In Chapter 6 the main character Paul Baumer Is dodging artillery shells at all hours of the day and he watches many of his childhood friends and friends he has made die. The soldiers run into many problems but the main one being not having enough food .In the following chapter, chapter 7 Paul is greeted with food which when he was away with the army you were greeted with a hand shake not a drink.  In Chapter Six of All Quiet on the Western Front Paul and his Comrades are defending their outpost not from enemies but from rats. The rats are taking their bread which is already very scarce.


At last we put a stop to it. We cannot afford to throw the bread away, because then we should have nothing left to eat in the morning, so we carefully cut off the bits of bread that the animals have gnawed. [Chapter 6]

After dodging cat sized mice and practically starving to death Paul is told by his general that he can take leave for 14 day and 3 travel days. However when he comes back he’ll do other training for possibly a new job on the battlefield. In Chapter 7 of All Quiet on the Western Front Paul has just arrived home on leave when a kind Red Cross sister offers Paul a drink for his trip back home. However Paul almost is weirded out by the fact that she used him being a soldier to draw attention to her and Paul.

On the platform I look round; I know no one among all the people hurrying to and fro. A red-cross sister offers me something to drink. I turn away, she smiles at me too foolishly, so obsessed with her own importance: "Just look, I am giving a soldier coffee!"—She calls me "Comrade," but I will have none of it. [Chapter 7]

Though Chapter Six was full of gory for Paul with seeing his friends get murdered by the horrid french artilerry. Paul managed to get through it and sadly in Chapter Seven he gets to see the toll the war has taken on him as a person.

Without a doubt Paul has been pushed to the limit by the conditions he is forced to live in; however, he manages to survive and takes every hour as it comes. 


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Max Yerid

I love your broad theme, narrow theme and one-two punch. Your setups are nice, but I don’t think you need to restate your title in the first setup.

Jacoby Garber

I like how the quotes you used were not used by anyone else. Your visually rhetoric while posting this was amazing! Great concluding sentence as well.

Thomas Doherty

Really nice job Jake. Your opening sentence really ties together the whole writing. You were very descriptive which made me wanna read more. If I haven’t read those 2 chapters I would know exactly what it was about after reading this.

Max B

Your setup for the quotes were very good and did a good job of showing your point across. Your visual rhetoric is perfect and you did a great job of being descriptive. Well done.


Well done Jake. The themes you used I also incorporated in my analysis. I also felt as though your setups were very good and they really set the scene nicely for your quotes. You were very detailed throughout your whole analysis and I think overall you did a very good job!


Well done Jake. This analysis was very informative. I felt as though your setups were very detailed and set up the quotes nicely. You had great visual rhetoric and I enjoyed all of your quotes. Overall great work!

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